LU to host 3rd annual Resilience and Recovery Summit

The Center for Recovery and Resiliency is set to host their third annual Resilience and Recovery Summit on Monday, April 4-5. The hosting organization, the LU Center for Resilience and Recovery, is a multidisciplinary research group with representatives from nursing, social work, psychology, political science, geology, criminal justice, public health and the LU College of Business.

This year's summit is co-sponsored by the LU Economic Recovery and Resiliency, Program Center for Public Policy Study, JoAnne Gay Dishman School of Nursing and the Southeast Texas Flood Coordination Study. The theme for this year is “Recovery & Resiliency: Building a Collaborative Community” and will focus on fostering a collaborative community approach to strengthen recovery from recent challenges and build a multi-disaster resiliency through informed planning.
The purpose of the summit is to:
  • Gather knowledge to strengthen interdisciplinary connections to support a stronger SeTX community.Gaining an understanding of methods to improve preparedness, communication and disaster response within Southeast Texas.
  • Exploring options for community collaboration.
  • Beginning a dialogue among stakeholders to build a resilience community in the Gulf Coast region.
Comprised of different panels and breakout sessions, topics will include healthcare, government and industry, science and engineering, and community preparedness. One panel –– “No Visitors: Family Perceptions of Separation from Hospitalized Loved Ones,” will discuss compassion fatigue experienced by nurses and healthcare workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hoped that through data collected from the summit, community resilience will be enhanced and Southeast Texas will be strengthened in its preparedness to face future disaster. 

The summit is free and open to the public. Learn more about the 2022 Resilience and Recovery Summit.