LU student Lance Taylor accepts position with Walmart Corporate Headquarters

Lance Taylor, a current graduate student in the Master of Science in Accounting program who also earned a double major B.B.A. in Finance and Accounting, has accepted a full-time job offer to join the Walmart Corporate Headquarters as a Financial Analyst II. This offer comes after Taylor successfully completed a highly coveted and competitive internship program with the company. lance-taylor.jpg

The internship began virtually during the summer of 2021 and ended with a two week visit to corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. Taylor secured the internship while virtually attending a student conference for members of the Association of Latino Professionals for America. As part of his hiring agreement, Lance will have the opportunity to work from Arkansas and Texas.

Walmart is one of the world's largest corporations. Of the Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies, Walmart is No.1. Walmart Corporate Headquarters is highly selective of interns, as well as for its full-time positions, especially for accounting and financial roles. Taylor is one of very few LU graduates to join Walmart Corporate.

Taylor is passionate about small business, giving back, and mentorship. He quotes a source of his inspiration, “God plus hard work remains undefeated.” He also mentions how much he enjoys the opportunity to network with other ambitious professionals, stating, “I have hopes of helping other entrepreneurs with my developing skills along with my career experience.”


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