Ultra Updates - October and November

Over the past couple of months, Blackboard Learn has undergone significant updates and improvements. These enhancements, largely inspired by user suggestions from the Idea Exchange, aim to refine and enhance the user experience. The latest updates offer new features and enhancements specifically tailored to provide instructors with a more streamlined and enriching teaching experience.

October 2023

For the month of October Safeassign direct submit, anonymous grading, and gradebook reminders top the list. Safeassign direct submit allows instructors to manually check student documents for plagiarism. To use Safeassign direct submit, access books and tools from you ultra course and locate the option at the very top of the list.

Image 1. Access SafeAssign Direct Submit from Books & Course Tools

For more information on this feature and other new features, check out the Educator Insights for October 2023.

November 2023

In November we saw updates to image insertion, flexible grading, and gradebook performance. To use the new image tools simply click the image icon in any of the supported text boxes (ultra documents, journals, discussions, and course messages). You will then be prompted with options to upload, search, and edit images!

Image 1. Instructor view - New image button on content editor for Learn Ultra Documents

If you would like to learn more about this enhancement and the others mentioned, navigate to the Educator Insights for November 2023.