Syllabus Management with Concourse

A well-crafted course syllabus serves as a crucial foundation for the academic journey, functioning as both a contract and a roadmap for student success. It’s not merely a formality; it sets the tone for the entire course, outlining the expectations, objectives, and responsibilities of both faculty and students. By investing time in developing a quality syllabus, faculty can significantly impact the learning experience and contribute to the university’s accreditation goals.

All faculty at Lamar University have access to the Concourse Syllabus Management Tool. This application generates a syllabus template in every course you teach. By utilizing Concourse, all of the university level policies and procedures will be pre-generated, so you can focus directly on college or department requirements and most importantly, the specific details of your course. A well-detailed syllabus fosters a positive learning environment by minimizing confusion and empowering students to take ownership of their education.

As a reminder, posting office hours is a university requirement. This not only demonstrates your availability and dedication to student support but also ensures compliance with university policies. By providing designated times for student consultation, you actively contribute to their success by addressing questions, concerns, and providing valuable guidance. This accessibility helps build rapport, trust, and a sense of community within the course.

Furthermore, the syllabus can be a powerful tool for contributing to the university’s accreditation goals. By listing measurable course outcomes in your syllabus, you can contribute to the university mission and ensure that our students are receiving the highest quality instruction. Measurable outcomes articulate the knowledge, skills, and competencies that students should gain from your course. By aligning these outcomes with the university’s accreditation standards, you demonstrate a commitment to quality education and accountability. 

Developing a quality course syllabus goes beyond administrative requirements; it’s a pivotal step in ensuring student success, promoting a positive learning environment, and assisting the university in meeting its accreditation objectives. By treating your syllabus as a dynamic and vital tool, you contribute to a more effective educational experience for both you and your students. Thankfully, you don't have to do it alone. With the power of Intellidemia's Concourse Syllabus Management tool and assistance from Lamar University's Digital Learning Team, you will have your syllabus finalized well ahead of the semester start date.