Dependent Applications for Visa

The spouse and unmarried minor of an F-1/J-1 student may accompany the student to the United States or follow to join the student at a later date.  The dependent family member will be admitted in F-2/J-2 status provided they establish to the satisfaction of the consular officer and the immigration officer at the port of entry that they have sufficient funds to cover their expenses; that they intend to leave the United States upon the termination of the status of the principal alien (F-1/J-1); and if the dependents are following to join the student, that “the F-1/J-1 student is, or will be within 60 days, enrolled in a full course of study or if the student is engaged in approved practical training following completion of studies”.  Proof of their relationship to the F-1/J-1 principal (e.g. marriage license / certificate, birth certificate) may be requested at the time of visa interview.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The F-1/J-1 student must submit the following official documents to the International Student Service Office for a dependent(s) SEVIS Form I-20/DS-2019 to be issued:

  • Dependent Application  Complete this online application
  • F-1/J-1 Student’s current SEVIS I-20/DS-2019 (pages 1 & 3)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate
  • Copy of Birth Certificate(s) for each child
  • Copy of each dependent’s Passport biographical page
  • Financial statement that ensures support for the F-2/J-2 dependent(s): This document must be an original and currently dated financial statement showing US dollars and support in addition to the required funds for the student.  If the F-1/J-1 student is employed on campus, an original and currently dated letter from the on-campus employer stating the length of employment and the employment amount.  If the F-1 student is currently on OPT, it is recommended that the student’s employer issue a letter stating employment title and yearly salary.  This letter is in addition to the financial statement.  A copy of the OPT EAD card is also required.

International Student Estimated Costs

(to be used for Financial Guarantee)

Graduate Student Undergraduate Student
Funds for Student $28,346.00 $31,073
Spouse Living Expenses & Health Insurance $6,526.00 $6,526.00
Each Child's Living Expenses & Health Insurance $5,136.00 $5,136.00
Total for Student & Spouse $34,872.00 $37,599.00
Total for Student, Spouse, & Child $40,008.00 $42,735.00
Total for Student & One Child $33,482.00 $36,209.00

Note: All the above tuition fees are subject to change. Check for any updated information.