Coming to Lamar

Travel Plans 

The information below has been provided to help the students understand the process and guiding them after they get the visa and how to plan their departure.

In addition to the travel recommendations below, students should refer to this OIES webpage to prepare for class registration!

After your Visa interview attempt, you should notify the Office of International Student Programs and Services when you plan to arrive with your Visa or if you cannot attend the semester in which you have been admitted. Students should know that Lamar University cannot automatically defer admission to a later semester; students will need to formally reapply (though at no additional cost).  All students should enter the United States and report to the International Student Services Office no more than 30 days prior to the semester or program start date.

Note: It is imperative that students arrive on campus no later than the semester start date. If an initial student delays arrival into the United States until after the program start date, approval is required by the Office of International Student Programs & Services (OISPS) and Lamar University; an updated or revised SEVIS Form I-20 will be required. It is recommended that students who cannot arrive by the semester start date should defer/reapply to Lamar University. Be sure to notify the OISPS of your intent to defer via email. Initial students who arrive after the initial semester start date are not eligible for admittance.

You should also plan to book your travel well in advance, organize your personal affairs (such as banking, bills, health records and prescriptions), and make a detailed packing list to ensure you bring all necessary documents and important personal items. Click on the items below to aid in planning your departure.

For more information regarding travel into the United States, it is recommended that you visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.

Students should make housing and transportation arrangements prior to departure and arrival within the United States. 

It is recommended that students refer to the airlines and/or airports for information regarding security checks, check-in, etc.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Travel Wait Times

Port of Entry

This information is provided for new students pertaining to the documents which need to be stamped and pickup facilities provided by Lamar University when they arrive at the USA Airport.

Arrival Procedures

Instructions will be given at the port of entry. Travelers can expect to be asked a series of questions including but not limited to the purpose of travel and destination. Once your inspection has been completed, the CBP personnel should stamp your Passport’s visa page to show your Arrival date and note your duration of status (“D/S”) for F-1 Visa holders.

After your entry into the US, Customs and Border Protection will electronically issue you an I-94 Travel Record. This record allows you to view your entire travel history, as well as a more detailed record of your most recent entry. For future SEVIS registration purposes, students are strongly encouraged to retrieve and save a .PDF or screenshot of their I-94. You can do so by doing the following:

  1. Go to the following website:
  2. In the top bar, click on “Get Most Recent I-94,” and then click “Consent and Continue.”
  3. Enter your personal information exactly how it is entered on your passport.
  4. When your I-94 is displayed, you can attempt to use your browser’s “print” function to save it directly as a .PDF file, or you can take a screenshot of the page using your computer or phone.

For frequently asked questions regarding admission processes and entering the United States visit: Frequently Asked Travel Questions (CBP)

Shuttle services between local airports and Lamar University are no longer available due to business closures surrounding COVID-19.