Helpful Purchasing Instructions

Food Purchases

Copier Maintenance Requisition Guidance

Review our helpful instructions on Copier Maintenance Requisitions.

Promotional Items

Promotional items are:
  • given out for free
  • have Lamar University's name or logo printed on them (normally)
  • are purchased in bulk (normally). 

Include the following information / supporting documentation with the requisition:

  1. Department identification
  2. Who has the authority to approve the distribution?
  3. Event information, i.e. date, time place
  4. Objective / Purpose
  5. Who gets the items?
  6. How and why the recipient is decided
  7. Must be clearly stated that it is understood that NO employees are to receive the items

All of the supporting documentation MUST be maintained within the department for Audit Review.

Purchase Order Exception List

 “Request to Pay Vendor” forms may be used to authorize payment in instances when it is not required to obtain a Purchase Order.  The original invoice or receipt must accompany the “Request to Pay Vendor” form.

Purchase Orders are not required in a limited number of situations:

  • Any type of postal and freight service
  • Utilities
  • Interlibrary loan charges in amounts less than $50
  • Scholarship – Books
  • Athletic medical expense after filed on insurance
  • Travel related expenses - Encumbered Request to Travel must be attached.

Sales Tax Exemption Forms

Sales Tax Exemption forms are issued by the Purchasing office for a specific purpose, such as departmental ProCard purchases and hotel stays. 
It is NOT acceptable to have a blank, signed form in your department that you fill in as needed.
Request one by emailing the vendor name and address to , be sure to include where you want the form sent.

Uniforms for Faculty and Staff

Uniforms are usually T-Shirts, but can be anything purchased for an employee to wear in a work function, like hats or jackets.
  • Include the names of the individuals to receive the uniform items on the requisition.
  • The department's uniform policy must be attached to the requisition.