LU Students

How to Order Your Parking Permit (Hangtag)

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Quick Links to the right center of the website.
  3. Scroll down to Self-Service Banner and click.
  4. Type in your User ID (your “L” number) and PIN. Click Login.
  5. Click the far-right tab Parking.
  6. Click Request a Permit (the top tab).
  7. Click Continue when Fall 2020 appears on the next screen.
  8. IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT - Enter the information about your vehicle. You will need to enter your vehicle’s make, model, license plate number, etc. So, please have that information ready prior to beginning this process.
  9. IF YOU ARE A CONTINUING STUDENT - Either select a vehicle from your list on file or add a vehicle at the bottom if you have a new vehicle. If you have changed vehicles since last year, you will need to update make, model, license plate number, etc. After adding the new vehicle, go to the top and check it. (Seniors – Remember, you can order a special Senior Permit.)
  10. Choose the type of permit you want. Permit types are explained below.
  11. Choose to have the parking hangtag mailed to you or held for pick-up at the Parking Office (Wimberly Building, Room 118).
  12. Select the Purchase/Request button to confirm order. (There might be a pop-up; press Okay to confirm.)
  13. If available, print your temporary permit to use and keep for your records.
  14. If you chose to pick up your parking permit, make sure to bring a copy of the temporary permit with you to the Parking Office in Wimberly.

If you have any questions, please contact Parking at (409) 880-7275.


Student Permit Types:

*Student Accessible: This permit is for students who have a qualifying accessibility issue.

*NOTE. If you are eligible for accessible parking, please provide your state-issued hanging placard or a picture of your state-issued license plate to the Parking Office.

*Student Fall: This is a general student permit for students with up to 104 earned credit hours.

*Senior/Graduate/Post-Graduate: This permit is for undergraduate students with at least 105 earned credit hours and for master’s students and doctoral students. This pass will only be available online if the student has over 105 hours. The option will not be available if the student has exactly 105 earned hours.

*Language Institute: This permit is for people attending the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program.