Frequently Asked Questions

Parking Permit FAQs

Where are you located?

We are located in the Wimberly Building Room 118.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is required. However at peak times prior to the beginning of each semester you should allow additional wait time.

Can I apply for a parking permit online?

Yes. Log onto and select LU Connect from the menu. Choose the students or faculty staff tab under self-service banner. Enter your Lamar ID: L2------- and enter your pin which can be your birthday 00-00-00. Enter License Number and Phone Number. Complete application.

What process do I need to have an accessible permit?

Accessible permits require a Texas State issued placard. All other requests for Accessible Parking require a completed form from the Disabilities Resource Center located in the Communications Building room 105. (409) 880-8347

Do I need to pick up the permit or can I have one mailed to me?

You can have the permit mailed. Just click the button when you are online making the application. If you do not want your permit mailed you can pick it up at the Parking Office

How long does it take to receive my permit?

If you pick up your permit in person it only takes a minute once you arrive at the counter. Mailed permits are delivered using standard post office delivery schedules.

Is there a fee for the permit?

Yes. Depending on which type of permit you requested with applying online the fee will be charged to your account.

Is there an appeal process for parking citations?

Yes. If you receive a parking citation and want to make an appeal to have the parking fine dismissed you can go online to the same address you used to apply for a permit and click the appeal tab and follow the instructions. Your appeal will be reviewed by a committee and you will be notified of the decision. Make sure to complete the appeal within four (4) weeks from the date on the citation. Otherwise you will be unable to log onto the appeal process and you will be required to pay the fine.

How can I add additional vehicles?

Apply in person at the Parking Office or call the Parking Office (409) 880-8308. We can add additional vehicles to your account.

Is there a fee if I drive more than one vehicle?

No. You can drive multiple vehicles. We require that the main vehicle be registered in our system. If you drive another vehicle make sure to hang your parking permit on the rear view mirror of the vehicle you are driving.

How do I replace a lost parking permit?

Come to the Parking Office and we will issue another parking permit. An additional fee equal to the cost of the original parking permit will be charged to your account for the replacement permit.

How many hours do I need to receive a Senior Parking Permit?

You are required to have 105 earned hours to receive a Senior Parking Permit. You can check how many hours you have accumulated by going to Student; Records; Academic Transcript; All levels. Scroll to the bottom to the section marked Transcript Totals. If the column marked earned hours shows 105 you are eligible for a Senior Parking Permit. If you have a current student permit you can exchange it for a Senior Parking Permit at no charge.

What if I get a citation?

Students, Faculty, Staff
This citation is a result of a violation of the rules and regulations of parking at Lamar University.  The citation will appear on your account and can be paid online or at the cashiers office.  If you wish to appeal this citation you can do so by going through Self Service Banner.  If wish to get more information please contact the Parking Office located in 118 Wimberly, our hours are 8AM to 5PM
If you are a bonafide visitor, go to the Parking Office Room 118 Wimberly. 
A Visitor is defined as someone who is neither a student, employee, vendor, or has any affiliation with Lamar University.  A visitor cannot be performing duties for the benefit of any of the afore mentioned catagories and still be qualified as a visitor.
Payments by Mail
Include:  Citation on every check/money order and L# if applicable
Lamar Students                              LIT Students
Lamar University                            LIT Cashier 0ffice
Cashier Office                                 P.O. Box 10043
P.O. Box 10074                               Beaumont, Tx
Beaumont, TX                                 77710            
77710                                              (409) 839-2064
(409) 880-7275



The Parking Office seeks to support students, faculty, staff, and the university community who have disabilities.  If you have a question or require assistance in accessing parking information, please call our office at (409) 880-7275 or email us at The Parking Office is located in the Wimberly Building room 118, and our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.