Employee and Family Tuition Assistance

Lamar University is one of a few universities to offer tuition assistance to employees and their families (spouses and dependents). We’re hopeful this plan will help you stay here while you're attending school, provide training so you can move into higher level positions within Lamar University and also provide the education needed to benefit the entire community.


Employee Assistance 

Lamar University will pay for tuition to full-time employees for up to five Lamar University courses within a year instead of only two.  You can take two courses in the fall, two courses in the spring and one course in the summer.

Increasing the number of courses covered in a year allows you to complete a degree in less time and take five-and eight-week online sessions.

The changes are immediately effective for the Fall 2019 semester and apply to undergraduate and graduate courses.

*Course fees are not reimbursable. Employees must also meet all prerequisites for courses prior to enrollment.


Employee Assistance Form

Dependent and Spouse Assistance (LUTAP)

Lamar University's Tuition Assistance Program (LUTAP) will now allow for dependent children and spouses of employees to enroll as students to take accelerated online courses. Visiting students (for one semester) are also able to receive this benefit.


Dependent and Spouse Assistance Form


Please note the policies associated with the employee and family tuition assistance benefits.

Employee Education and Training Plan - Human Resources Policy 5.7

Tuition Assistance Program Policy for Spouses and Depedendents - Human Resources Policy 5.11