FAQs - Employee Training and Development

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Lamar University's Employee Training & Development program and Training Nest, Lamar's training management system.

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What is Training Nest?

Training Nest is Lamar University's new training management system.

Training Nest is a user-friendly way to complete and manage your mandatory, department- or job-specific, and optional training. Training Nest also offers online courses and scheduling for instructor-led training (ILT). Training Nest tracks your training, provides transcripts, and creates certificates of completion for certain courses. As Training Nest grows, you will find courses and workshops that help you grow and advance in your career.

Technical Issues

Do I need to allow pop-ups to use Training Nest?

Yes. Visit How To Allow Pop-ups for detailed instructions on allowing pop-ups for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

I'm having technical issues with Training Nest. Who do I contact?

The answer depends on the type of issue you're having:

  • For issues with your LEA account, password, internet access, browser, etc., contact the Lamar University. Service Desk at 409.880.2222 or servicedesk@lamar.edu


I need help logging into Training Nest using my LEA account. Who do I contact?

For LEA technical support, contact the Lamar University Service Desk at 409.880.2222 or servicedesk@lamar.edu

My Universal Profile information is not correct in Training Nest. Who do I contact?

Email trainingnest@lamar.edu, explain what the problem is, and submit your correct Universal Profile information. Your profile will be updated.

Employees - General

I am a new hire. How long do I have to complete my mandatory training?

You have 30 days to complete the required training modules. If training is not completed within the 30 days, reminder notifications will be sent to you as well as your manager.

Who do I contact about training specific to my department or position?

For information, contact Training and Development at trainingnest@lamar.edu.

Is training mandatory for all Lamar University employees?

Yes. Several of Lamar’s training courses are mandatory and required by state or federal law. All employees are required to participate in the following training within 30 days of employment:
  • Civil Rights Training (Equal Opportunity Training)
  • Title IX/Sexual Harassment
  • Security Awareness
  • Nepotism
  • Code of Ethics
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Do I need to print a copy of my course completion certificates for my records?

No. Training Nest will track course completions on your transcript.

Will I receive an email when training is assigned?

Yes. Training Nest will send an email to your Lamar account when you have been assigned training.

Will I receive reminders before my assigned training is due? 

Yes. Training Nest will remind you by email that your training will soon be due.

Managers - General

Who is a "manager" at Lamar University?

For purposes of training, "manager" covers a range of individuals in positions that require direct or indirect supervision of other employees. A manager may be a vice president, dean, director, chair, supervisor, or other employee who, as part of their defined duties at Lamar, supervises the work of other employees.

A manager may supervise employees who are either direct or indirect reports. For example, a chair's direct reports may include department staff and faculty. A dean's reports may include the chair, who reports directly to the dean, and department staff and faculty, who report indirectly to the dean through their chair.

I am a manager. Can I see the training records of everyone in my department?

Yes. You can see the training records for everyone who reports to you, both directly and indirectly.

I am a manager and cannot see my direct reports listed in Training Nest.

Managers who cannot see their direct reports listed under their Universal Profile should contact trainingnest@lamar.edu

Transcripts and Running Reports

Who can see my training transcripts?

Employees can see their own training transcripts, and managers can see the transcripts of their direct and indirect reports.

How can I view my transcript?

Visit How To View Transcripts for detailed instructions.

I am a manager. How can I view transcripts for my staff?

Visit How To View Transcripts for Managers for detailed instructions on viewing transcripts for your staff.

I am a manager. How do I run a training report for my staff?

Visit How To Run Reports for Managers for detailed instructions.