April 5, 2017

Wednesday, 04/05/2017
Carl Parker 101 Conference Room
Submitted By:
Rachel Smith

LU CARE Team Meeting Minutes


Date: 4/5/17                                                                            Meeting Called to order by: Dr. Terry Mena         

Location: Carl Parker 101 Conference Room                               Time: 3:05pm


Members in attendance:

Terry Mena                                            Shawn Gray

Cynthia Ksiazek                                     Jeff Bell

Yinka Jenmy                                          Brenda Dixon

Shannon Hicks                                       Jeff Palis

Adrienne Blackwell-Starnes                     Lakrystal Joubert

Nicholaus Cioci                                       Monica Ryan

Rachel Smith


Agenda of Students:

Students of Concern - 8

Title IX - 3

Deceased - 2

LIT – 3


 Meeting topics:

  • Minutes for meetings will now be taken to share on the Committee and Counsels web page.
  • Medical with drawl process.
    • Group will meet to compare other TSUS processes. Will discuss guidelines that need to be met to possibly allow a student withdrawing for medical reasons to have balances owed to University to be waived.
  • Discussed the deceased student protocol, the process, who is notified and in what order
  • Dr. Mena will be meeting with Dr. Bello-Ogunu and consultant to evaluate our mentoring programs on campus.
  • Food pantry-



Meeting Adjourned at: 4:49pm

Minutes Compiled by: Rachel Smith, Administrative Associate Sr.