The Office of the Dean of Students provides a variety of services to the Lamar University community.

Responding to a Student Death

The Associate Vice President and Dean of Students in the Division of Student Engagement is specifically responsible for managing the University’s response to a deceased student. For this purpose, a student is defined as any student currently enrolled or enrolled in the previous semester.

Campus Clarity - "Think About It"

"Think About It" is an online education program that helps prepare students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. It addresses issues related to alcohol, drugs, and sexual misconduct and provides important information regarding Lamar University policies and available resources.

It is university requirement that all incoming first-year, transfer, and graduate students complete this program during their first month at LU. Failure to complete the program will result in a registration hold. Please note: once a registration hold is placed on your account, it may take up to one business day after completion of the course for the hold to be removed.

Students will receive an email from Lamar University with a unique link that will allow them to access Think About It. In addition, the program can be accessed by going to and registering with your LU email address using your LEA password.

For questions about Campus Clarity - "Think About It," contact 409-880-8458 or