LU Cares Committee

Charge: Lamar Cares [formerly known as the Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Team (BAIT)] shall report to the associate vice president for student engagement/dean of students on issues pertaining to student behavior and the need for university resource intervention. The membership shall consist of the chief of police, the assistant chief of police, the Title IX coordinator, the director of the health center, and counselors from the health center. In addition, representatives from residence life, disability services, student engagement, and the faculty shall serve. The associate vice president for student engagement/dean of students shall serve on and chair the LU Cares.

Membership & Reporting: Members are appointed per positions identified in LU Cares policy; Associate Vice President for Student Engagement or designee chairs committee; Recommendations from Committee presented to appropriate Vice Presidents.

Committee Members

Dantrel (Danny) Hargers(Director of Student Conduct and Care), Chair Ex Officio
Jeff Kortman (Director of Housing & Residence Life) Ex Officio
Monica Ryan (Title IX Coordinator) Ex Officio
Hector Flores (Chief of Police) Ex Officio
Shawn Gray (Assistant Vice President of Health, Wellness, and Accessability) Ex Officio
Chris Hazelton (Assistant Director of Housing) Ex Officio
Colt Ryan (Sargent, Police & SCCS liaison) Ex Officio
Carlee Smith (Director NSLP & Greek Life) Ex Officio
Brett Welch (Vice Provost, Digital Learning; Dean, Graduate Studies) Ex Officio