LU Cares Committee

Membership & Reporting: Members are appointed per positions identified in BAIT mission/policy statement; Associate Vice President for Student Engagement or designee chairs committee; Recommendations from Committee presented to appropriate Vice Presidents.

Committee Members

Terry Mena (Assoc. Vice President & Dean of Students), Chair Ex Officio
Mary Atkinson (Housing & Residence Life) Ex Officio
Jeff Bell (Title IX Coordinator) Ex Officio
Adrienne Blackwell-Starnes (Faculty Representative) Ex Officio
Brenda Dixon (Title IX Investigator) Ex Officio
Melinda Finkle (Undergraduate Advising Center) Ex Officio
Hector Flores (Chief of Police) Ex Officio
Shawn Gray (Director, Health Center) Ex Officio
Shannon Hicks (Counselor) Ex Officio
Lakrystal Joubert (Student Financial Aid) Ex Officio
Cynthia Ksiazek (Counselor) Ex Officio
Kyle Mutz (Disability Resource Center) Ex Officio
Jeff Palis (Global Diversity, Inclusion, & Intercultural Affairs) Ex Officio
Jennifer Schneider (Student Engagement) Ex Officio
Erin Tabor (Disability Resource Center) Ex Officio