The mission of the Center for Midstream Management and Science is to establish and grow a cross-discipline industry/university collaboration that ties breakthroughs in upstream access to oil and gas to the downstream advances in refining that have improved capacity, environmental compliance, and safety.
  1. Through externally (particularly from corporate resources, federal agencies and foundations) supported research, develop advanced solutions for the midstream industry, such as technology gaps related to capacities, distribution, storage, optimization, reliability, inspection, data analytics and decision making, predictive maintenance, resilience, cyber physical security, IIoT, safety, environmental compliance, economics, new and emerging markets, and future business opportunities.
  2. Provide advanced value-added education and workforce development (training, workshops, and certifications) to midstream stakeholders based on joint research initiatives.
  3. Distribute these solutions and knowledge broadly to the industry, workforce, policymakers, students and scholars.