Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering (BSCE)

The College of Engineering at Lamar University maintains its reputation through its valued professors and the quality of students they produce. The curriculum that leads to our Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

civil engineering student working on a project

Why Choose Civil Engineering?

With a BSCE degree, you will be in high demand in various fields throughout many different industries.  Civil engineers engage in a wide range of activities such as research, design, development, management, and the control of engineering systems and their components. With today’s fast-paced technological changes, civil engineering provides unique and unlimited career opportunities in areas such as bridges, harbors, airports, highways, railroads and more. Civil engineering is a people serving profession vital to the world’s economic, political, and social well-being.  As a student, you will acquire the various skills necessary to compete in these industries.  

Why Choose Lamar University?

The College of Engineering at Lamar University is world-renowned for its excellence in producing outstanding graduates. With dedicated faculty and staff, students are well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. Because Lamar University is so conveniently located to industry in the area, students have many internship and co-op opportunities available to them, which increases job prospects upon graduation.

students who participate in a co-op on average receive up to 20% high salary at graduation

Looking to Get Started?

Get a head start on your future as a Lamar Engineer by contacting Erin Lovelady Lemoine, the Director of Outreach and Student Services in the College of Engineering.