Graduate Programs

What We Offer.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers 2 graduate degree plans: 
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Master of Science in Environmental Studies
Additionally, Lamar University College of Engineering offers 3 graduate degree plans with Civil and Environmental Engineering concentrations:
Master of Engineering
Master of Engineering Science
Doctor of Engineering
Certificate in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering


Dr. Liv Haselbach, the chair of The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering led to set up a new research center, Center for Resiliency in September 2021 for the university.

The center focus on research, community outreach and teaching to support the body of knowledge surrounding disaster preparation, mitigation and recovery, especially for major storm events. 

Graduate students, especially the doctoral students are expected to conduct related research with the research funds of this new research center.

Why Pursue an Advanced Degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering at Lamar?

With an advanced degree, you will deepen your knowledge about various aspects of civil or environmental engineering. You will have the opportunity to conduct research and contribute something new to the field by doing experiments to prove or disprove a point and by taking part in research publications.

At Lamar University, you will have the opportunity to participate in practical projects in various fields of Civil and Environmental Engineering, such as ongoing collaborations with Texas Department of Transportation, Sabine-Neches Navigation, the Port of Houston, and other industry partners.

The department provides several forms of support for graduate students including scholarship, teaching assistantship, and research assistantship. The Civil and Engironmental Engineering department also offers a limited number of doctoral student assistantships (teaching and research) that provide a fee waiver based on academic merit.