Dynamic Modeling and Simulation for Natural Gas Processing, LNG Production, BOG Recovery and Minimization

Short Description

This research project consists of several broad studies that have been performed at Dr. Xu’s research group for over 10 years, which include research works covering natural gas preprocessing (sweetening, dehydration, NGL recovery, and compression), LNG liquefaction, BOG recovery and minimization, as well as LNG regasification.  our expertise is based on thermodynamic fundamentals and employs both large-scale steady-state and dynamic modeling and simulation techniques to virtually study potential optimization opportunities during the manufacturing process, such as cost minimization, energy saving, emission reduction, as well as control performance improvements.

Project PI

Dr. Qiang Xu, Professor, Dan F. Smith Department of Chemical Engineering

Long Description

Natural gas preprocessing, LNG liquefaction, LNG re-gasification are most important sectors of the entire LNG value chain. Tremendous cost, energy, and material saving opportunities are existing these process sectors. Meanwhile, boil-off gas (BOG) generation and handling problems in LNG processes become increasingly important due to more intensive global competitions and stricter environmental regulations. In this research area, thermodynamic-analysis-based simulation and optimization have been comprehensively performed. We have studied the optimal design, operation, and control for typical plants in all these process sectors. For instance, we have studied how to recover NGL in an energy efficient way; we have studied what are potential better design and operating conditions for various LNG liquefaction process; we have also quantitatively studied various factors causing BOG generations together with different strategies to minimize, recover, and reuse produced BOG, targeting the best performance of energy saving and processing efficiency. Our studies would not only enhance the better understanding all major manufacturing sectors of the entire LNG value chain, but also provide enable techniques for better industrial applications.


Different project aspects were funded by Texas Hazardous Waste Research Center (THWRC), Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS), and Center for Advances in Port Management (CAPM).

Selected Publications

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