Tracy J. Benson, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Piler, K., Bahrim, C., Sylvestre Twagirayezu, Benson, T.J. (2020) “Lattice Disorders of TiO2 and Their Significance in the Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2” Advances in Catalysis, V 66, Chapter 2 (

Piler, K., Watters, J., Benson, T.J. (2020) “Band Gap Tuning of TiO2 NP-SWCNT Nanocomposite Materials Using Surfactant Synthesis Techniques” Materials Letters, 278, 128410. (

Doan, L., Benson, T.J. (2020) “Solubility and Activity Coefficients of Three Triazine-Type Compounds in Various Low Ionic Strength Aqueous Solutions” Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 65, 5, 2325 – 2331.  (

Piler, K., Muhmud, A., Benson, T.J. (2019) “A Regression Analysis with Laboratory Validation for the Use of Reverse Micelles to Achieve Desired Nanonsized Catalytically Active Sites” Chemical Engineering Communications, 207, 537 – 548. (

Borton, J., Lopez, F., Linh, D., Holmes, W.E., Benson, T.J. (2019) “Conversion of High Free Fatty Acid Lipid Feedstocks to Biofuel Using Triazabicyclodecene Catalyst (Homogeneous and Heterogeneous)” Energy & Fuels, 33, 3322 - 3330. (

Agbroko, O. W., Piler, K., Benson, T. J. (2017) “A Comprehensive Review of H2S Scavenger Technologies from Oil and Gas Streams,” ChemBioEng Reviews, 4, 1 – 22.  (

Zhang, Y., Zhang, S., Benson, T.J. (2015) “A Conceptual Design by Integrating Dimethyl Ether (DME) Production with Tri-reforming Process for CO2 Emission Reduction,” Fuel Processing Technology, 131, 7 – 13. (


Ph.D. (Ch.E.), 2008, Mississippi State University
M.S. (Ch.E.), 2003, Mississippi State University
B.S.  (Ch.E.), 2000, Mississippi State University

Awards & Honors

  • Jack Gill Distinguished Faculty Fellowship (2017 - 2020)
  • Chair, Advances in Catalysis session at the AIChE spring conference in Houston, TX (2016)
  • Best Speaker Award at the 2015 AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference
  • Chair, AIChE Sustainability Engineering Forum (2015)
  • Technical advisor/safety consultant for AIChE Mid East Regional ChemE Car Competition in Bahrain (2015)
  • University Merit Award (2014)