John Gossage, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

  • John L. Gossage, “Plotting McCabe-Thiele Diagrams in Microsoft Excel,” Computers in Education Journal, 2015.
  • Yishan Zhang, Shujing Zhang, Helen H. Lou, John L. Gossage, and Tracy J. Benson, “Steam and Dry Reforming Processes Coupled with Partial Oxidation of Methane for CO2 Emission Reduction,” Chemical Engineering and Technology, 37, No. 9, 1493 – 1499, 2014.
  • Tracy J. Benson, Yishan Zhang, Helen Lou, and John Gossage, “Kinetic and Thermodynamic Aspects for CO2 Conversion to Methanol via Trireforming,” presented and published, 2014 AIChE Spring National Meeting, 2014.
  • Zhang, Y., Zhang, S., Gossage, J., Lou, H., Benson, T.J. (2014) “Thermodynamic Analysis of Tri-reforming Reactions to Produce Syngas,” Energy & Fuels, 28, 2717 – 2726. URL:
  • Mohammed Islam, Yogesh Kurle, John Gossage, and Tracy Benson, “Kinetics of Triazabicyclodecene Catalyzed Canola Oil Conversion to Glycerol-Free Biofuel Using Dimethyl Carbonate,” Energy and Fuels, 2013, 27 (3), pp 1564–1569, February 18, 2013. URL:


  • Ph.D. (Ch.E.)  Illinois Institute of Technology
  • M.S.(Ch.E.)  Illinois Institute of Technology
  • B.S. (Ch.E.)  Illinois Institute of Technology

Awards & Honors

  • University Merit Award (2003)
  • Gill Master Award (2000)
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers Graduate Student Paper Award (1996)
  • William Langdon Award for Excellence in Instruction of Chemical Engineering Students (1990)
  • National Merit Scholar (1981)