Careers for the Nutritionist

Community Nutrition Education 

  • Director for Government or Non-profit Education Organization 
  • Lactation Consultant 
  • Nutrition Coach or Community Educator 
  • Texas Agrilife Extension Director 
  • Weight loss camp Educator/Coordinator/Supervisor 
  • Women, Infant & Children (WIC) Director 

Food Service Management 

  • Food service Manager/Director/Assistant 
  • Hospitals 
  • Long-term care or assisted living 
  • Group homes for disabled individuals 
  • Private or public school Child Nutrition Directors 
  • Colleges or Universities 
  • Correctional facilities 
  • Hospital or Long-term Care Corporate Administrator


  • Research associate for funded projects carried out through governments, academic institutions, research/teaching hospitals 
  • Marketing research for food companies 

Clinical Dietetics 

  • Dietitian Technician, Registered (completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics) 
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (completion of Didactic Program in Dietetics plus MS and Dietetic Internship) 
  • The Nutrition Expert  
  • Clinical Dietetics Plus Any of the community education, food service management, and research opportunities listed 

Professional Organizations in Nutrition and Dietetics