Careers for the Nutritionist

Nutrition Education

  • WIC Nutritionist 
  • Nutrition Educator for government or non-profit organization
  • Weight Loss Camp educator/coordinator/supervisor
  • Nutrition Educator at camps for children/adults with special dietary needs
  • Agrilife Extension
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Lactation Consultant

Food Service

  • Food Service Manager/Director/Assistant
    • Hospitals, Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, Group Homes for Disabled Individuals, Private or Public Schools, Colleges, Correctional Facilities, Children's Homes, Restaurants, Airlines
    • Food Service, Hospital, Long-Term Care Corporate Administrator


  • Sales Representative for medical supplies, nutrition supplements, pharmaceuticals
  • Marketing specialist or public relations representative for food companies, nutrition publications or organizations
  • Manager of food/nutrition specialty store
  • Food preparation/delivery business

Clinical (for those who have completed the undergraduate dietetics degree plan)

  • Dietetic technician, DTR


  • Research associate for funded projects carried out through governments, academic institutions, research/teaching hospitals
  • Marketing research for food companies

Food Safety and Regulation

  • Quality/Safety control for food processing
  • Health inspector or Registered Sanitarian

Government Regulation/Public policy/Agriculture

  • Public policy developer/advocate
  • Lobbyist
  • Grant writer
  • Nutritionist for government agency

Food/Nutrition Journalism

  • Nutrition writer for health newsletter, magazine, blog, online forum or other media
  • Social media writer for companies
  • Website developer for nutrition professionals