Course Descriptions

EDLD 5311 Fundamentals of Leadership
This course provides students the opportunity to construct a foundation of leadership through fundamental theories of leadership. Students define their own purpose of leadership and begin to develop the basic skills required to build communities that support learning for all students. Special emphasis is given to leadership as relationships between and among people and systems.

EDLD 5326 School Community Relations
This course provides a foundation for developing relationships with stakeholders within the school community; students, faculty, parents, and the community at large for the expressed goal of supporting student learning. A fundamental purpose of the course is to understand and implement strategies to develop essential partnerships between schools and the larger community to foster student learning and achievement.

EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability
This course concentrates on both short and long-range district and campus planning. Students will examine the state accountability system; disaggregate data, and use data and resources to improve instruction and the curriculum. An emphasis will be placed on problem solving techniques and facilitation skills of effective school leaders.

EDLD 5335 Curriculum Management
This course builds an understanding of curriculum models, curriculum frameworks (including those articulated at the state level), alignment of instruction to standards, and assessment of learning outcomes. District level curriculum and policies are reviewed. The alignment of policy, goals, and human resources are examined with application to a specified school context.

EDLD 5339 Organization and Management Issues
This course positions the school leader as the effective manager of the organization and its operations. Multiple topics are addressed such as; safe and effective learning environments, student support services, school policies and procedures, discipline management, behavior intervention, and fiscal issues in school management.

EDLD 5344 School Law
This course provides teachers a foundation to understand the legal, ethical, and policy dimensions of education. Special emphasis is given to the interpretation of case law, Texas Education Code, and federal and state statutes.

EDLD 5345 Human Resource Management
This course focuses on building the human resources to support the learning and instructional mission of the school and the attainment of school goals. Topics include: ethical considerations in interactions with others, district policy and its relationship to personnel, confidentiality, employment and personnel law, contract renewal and nonrenewal, teacher development, and an understanding of motivational theories and its application within the school environment.

EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership
This course emphasizes techniques for improving instruction and learning through the application of the research on effective schools and on models of instruction. Topics include leadership related to curriculum, instruction, supervision, and theories and methods for adult learning and professional development. The principal as the leader of learning involves such tasks as teacher evaluation, supervision, mentoring, and effective communication.

EDLD 5397 Internship for Supervision
This course is designed to give job-related experience under the joint supervision of a school district campus mentor and faculty of Lamar University.

EDLD 5398 Internship for Principal 
The Internship is a capstone experience designed to guide aspiring leaders to demonstrate proficiency associated with campus leadership. The final hours of the internship are completed under the supervision of a practicing school administrator. A qualifying examination is required before a student can apply to take the state certification examination.