M.Ed. Applied Digital Learning

M.Ed. Digital Learning and Leading & M.Ed. Applied Digital Learning

Please Note: The Digital Learning and Leading (DLL) program has grown and evolved over the past 5 years and in response to learners' needs the challenges of the future we have updated and revised the program which is now called Applied Digital Learning (ADL). The ADL program launched in the Spring of 2021 and students are no longer being enrolled in the DLL. Students who have enrolled in the DLL program prior to 2021 will continue to be supported through to the spring of 2022 when all current DLL students have graduated. If you are currently enrolled in the DLL you do not need to worry that you are missing out on the advances of the ADL. All DLL courses are continually updated so you will a similar experience and the same curricular foundation as the ADL students.

Online Delivery

Program Description

The Master of Digital Learning and Leading and the Master of Applied Digital Learning at Lamar University are collaborative learner-centered programs that embrace technological innovation through collaboration and active and authentic learning. In creating significant learning environments (CSLE) by giving learners choice ownership and voice through authentic learning opportunities (COVA) we help our learners grow into digital leaders who can embrace the opportunities of the future.

In our programs, we create and model significant learning environments where the learner takes control and ownership of their learning. Through authentic learning opportunities DLL/ADL students learn how to purposefully assemble all the key components of effective learning and create their own significant learning environments that will then, in turn, help their learners to learn how to learn

You will be able to:

  • Develop appropriate strategies to lead organizational change
  • Understand the leadership qualities necessary for supporting disruptive innovation
  • Research and assess the role a growth mindset plays in creating effective learning environments
  • Identify, investigate, and understand contemporary issues relevant to local and global contexts
  • Distinguish learner-centered instructional methods from teacher-centered ones and identify technologies that support each method type
  • Compare and contrast inquiry-based theories and methods as they relate to digital teaching and learning
  • Construct learning objectives, assessment items, and learning activities based on expected outcomes for online learners
  • Develop and support diverse communities of learners and reflect on how these collaborations can enhance your own and your community's learning.
  • Explore how adopting a Learner’s Mindset can enhance learning and prepare learners for life.

Ready to Start?

Program Length: 36 Hours

Tuition and Fees*

Summer 2021

eTuition: $719 per 3-hour course

Aside from tuition, there are additional fees that are required.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Board of Regents or the Texas State Legislature.