Certificate in Clinical Mental Health

This 18-hour non-degree program is designed for master's level graduates with degrees in school counseling who want to pursue licensure as a professional counselor in Texas; graduates of other degree programs such as psychology may benefit from the courses offered in this program as well. This post-graduate online program provides additional coursework needed to meet the academic requirements for LPC licensure in Texas and addresses specific content areas to be tested on the National Counselor Exam.

Before applying, review the list of courses offered and compare with your graduate transcript to confirm whether this program will meet your coursework needs for licensure.

Licensure requirements vary by state. More information about Texas LPC licensure can be found here.

Additional program enrollment information can be found here

Application Instructions

Step 1: Complete the application via ApplyTexas and pay a one-time application fee of $25.

Step 2: If you have not attended Lamar University in the past, submit official transcripts to Lamar University Online Admissions – P.O. Box 10017, Beaumont, TX 77710 or Request an official electronic transcript to be sent to luadmtran@lamar.edu from your previous university. 

  • If you have completed this step, you can check the status of your university application and transcripts here: http://www.lamar.edu/admissions-status (Department application status will not be listed here; see below*). 

  • Transcripts are due no later than five days after the ApplyTexas application deadline for your intended start date listed here: critical dates and deadlines

  • Specific questions about transcripts for new and returning students can be directed to online admissions at luonlineadmissions@lamar.edu.

Step 3: Complete the required department application. In order to submit this form, you will need to have two letters of recommendation ready to upload.

Step 4: If you are approved to begin the program, you will be sent an acceptance acknowledgment to sign and return for your admission to be processed. This will be due no later than noon on the Friday before the payment deadline: critical dates and deadlines

You should receive a confirmation email for the submission of department application requirements when they are received by us; if you receive that confirmation email, you can disregard any reminders you may receive.

You do not need to follow up to request the status of your application; we will review your application as quickly and efficiently as possible and you will receive an email with a decision – usually five to 10 business days once we receive all documents, including transcripts.

Please note: Starting the program on the third five-week term in Fall and Spring or the second five-week term in Summer means that the first class is not financial aid eligible.

Course Schedule

CNDV 5325: Advanced Ethics in Mental Health Counseling

This course focuses application ethics and legal codes for professional counseling and human service settings. Emphasis is placed on national and current board rules, records management, coding and billing and professional advocacy.

CNDV 5326: Addictions Counseling

This course provides counselors and other human service workers with an overview of the addictive process. You will develop conceptual knowledge, practical skills and the etiology of addiction, assessment strategies, including the use of wraparound assessment and intervention services within a behavioral health context.

CNDV 5327: Psychopathology and Basic Psychopharmacology

This course prepares counselors in the basic diagnostic systems, research and explanations of psychopathology and to provide services in conjunction with a psychopharmacological prescriber. Content will include the merger of psychopathology and pharmacotherapy for effective treatment in an integrated health model. 

CNDV 5302: Foundations of Clinical Mental Health

This course provides objectives of professional organizations, codes of ethics, legal aspects of practice, standards of preparation and the role identity of persons providing direct counseling treatment intervention in mental/behavioral health settings. 

CNDV 5381: Marriage and Family Therapy

An intensive exploration of the dynamics of marriage, couple and family relationships. A critical analysis of various counseling techniques and approaches will be established. Development of counseling skills will be a primary emphasis.

CNDV 5350: Abnormal Psychology

A study of various symptom categories in psychopathology. The course will include an analysis of the diagnostic categories as well as the research concerning etiology and treatment.