The Lamar University Writing Center, in keeping with the International Writing Centers Association's Diversity Initiative, works to "inclusively serve all students, including members of underrepresented groups such as people of color, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and people with a range of abilities, economic needs and linguistic expression."

To fairly serve all LU students and faculty, the Writing Center has established the following guidelines to support our mission, and we reserve the right to withhold service from any individual in violation of these policies.


  • The Writing Center works with undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty (director sessions) as well as students from TIEP, LIT and area high schools (dual enrollment only).
  • Undergraduate and graduate students may schedule one hour-long session per day and three hour-long sessions per week.
  • The Writing Center does not accept email submissions for correction and return. You may only email submissions when an online session is scheduled, during which the document will be discussed.
  • Sessions will be held for 10 minutes for 30-minute sessions and 15 minutes for hour-long sessions before being given away. If you do not show up in this time frame, you will be considered no shows.
  • After two no-show appointments, you will be restricted from scheduling appointments online. After four no-show appointments, you will not be allowed to schedule any sessions and must walk in for a consultation.
  • The Writing Center encourages recurring appointments if you need more regular assistance; however, after two no-show appointments, the recurring appointment will be canceled without notifying the you. Any reinstatement of a recurring appointment should be discussed with the director.
  • While the Writing Center does accept walk-in appointments, preference will be given if you have a scheduled session. However, you may ask to be waitlisted if another student does not show up in a timely manner.
  • You may be required by academic advisors or professors to book Writing Center sessions. If you request verification of a session, Writing Center consultants may email you from the Writing Center email account. If you forget to request verification of a session, the Writing Center can verify attendance through our conference reports and send an email with the session information. Writing Center consultants cannot be responsible for filling out class lists, contracts, questionnaires, etc.

Ethical Concerns

  • Writing Center consultants do not evaluate essays and cannot speculate on grades.
  • Writing Center consultants will not create content for you.
  • Writing Center consultants are not editors and will not line edit or proofread content for you.
  • Writing Center consultants cannot consult with you on exams or quizzes without written permission from the instructor of record.
  • Writing Center consultants cannot assist you with content not written by you.
  • Writing Center consultants cannot knowingly assist you with plagiarized content. [Lamar University Policy for Academic Honesty]

Graduate Students

  • If you are seeking whole document editing, you should seek the services of a professional editor (for further information in building a relationship with an editor, please call the Writing Center).
  • If you are seeking targeted consultations for specific concerns in your writing, you are eligible for Writing Center sessions, though you will likely need multiple sessions.
  • You should refer to your committees for assistance with content.

Services for Students with Disabilities

  • The Writing Center, in accordance with the Disability Resource Center and the International Writing Centers Association's Statement on Disability and Writing Centers, is accessible to all students and "explicitly consider[s] disability as we carry out our professional work."
  • If you require accommodations for a session, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will, of course, respect your confidentiality.
  • The Writing Center employs several consultants who know American Sign Language. If you prefer to work with one of our ASL-proficient consultants instead of scheduling an interpreter, please check our scheduling system, which includes consultant bio information. Or, call the Writing Center and ask for this type of session.
  • Our computers are equipped with JAWS and MAGic. If you need assistance, please ask our front desk.


Faculty should note that the Writing Center cannot and should not control what you submit in class. While we address a number of issues in consultations, Writing Center sessions cannot and should not result in perfect papers. The Writing Center works to produce better writers, not better product, and that process is ongoing.

  • The Writing Center will not discuss grades with you.
  • Faculty may request five-minute class visits. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Faculty may also request in-class instruction. Please see our Workshops page for more information and to request instruction.
  • Faculty are encouraged to schedule personal sessions with the director.
  • Faculty may also schedule sessions with the director for assignment review/critique.
  • Faculty seeking whole document editing should seek the services of a professional editor (for further information in building a relationship with an editor, please call the Writing Center).
  • The Writing Center cannot maintain records for faculty.

Green Initiative

In cooperation with Lamar University's Office of Sustainability, the Writing Center maintains a paperless environment. You are not able to print in the Writing Center, and we maintain several recycling bins.


  • The Writing Center reserves the right to end any session with a disruptive or disrespectful student. To preserve the safety of Writing Center employees and Lamar University students, staff may contact campus police if necessary.
  • Coffee makers, refrigerators and microwaves are reserved for employees only.
  • Writing Center employees follow all emergency procedures as established by the university.