The psychology faculty encourage student development through high academic standards and research mentorship. The multi-talented faculty hold advanced degrees. Areas of expertise include group processes and decision-making, consulting in organizations and behavioral interventions for psychological disorders. Additional specialty areas are mindfulness, judgment and decision-making, organizational behavior management and physiological responses to stress.

Dr. Jeremy A. Shelton, Interim Chair
Phone: 409-880-7839
Office: SBS 203H
Email: sheltonious@gmail.com

J. Eli Barclay
Phone: 409-880-8337
Office: SBS 203L
Email: mailto: jarod.barclay@lamar.edu

Dr. Raymond Doe
Industrial/Organizational Concentration Director
Phone 409-880-8283
Office: SBS 203M
Email: rdoe@lamar.edu

Mr. Andrew (Andy) Garza
Phone: 409-880-8298
Office: SBS 203G
Email: algarza@lamar.edu

Jodi Katz
Email: jodi.katz@lamar.edu

Dr. Edythe E. Kirk
Phone: 409-880-8285
Office: SBS 203N
Email: kirkee@lamar.edu

Dr. Martha A. Rinker
Phone: 409-880-8296
Office: SBS 203C
Email: marinker@lamar.edu

Jeferson Scheidemandel
Phone: 409-880-8299
Office: SBS 203D
Email: jhscheidema1@lamar.edu


Yolanda Monroe
Executive Assistant