Dedicated and accessible, the psychology faculty encourage student development through high academic standards and research mentorship. The multi-talented faculty hold advanced degrees from major universities across the United States. Areas of expertise include group processes and decision-making, personnel and selection, consulting in organizations, behavioral interventions for psychological disorders, psychological assessment, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, conflict and mediation, sensory psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. Additional specialty areas are mindfulness, consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making, organizational behavior management, behavioral endocrinology and physiological responses to stress, neurophysiology, and applied behavior analysis.


Dr. Elizabeth Aronson, Clinical Concentration Director
Phone: 409-880-8337
Office: SBS 203L
Email: earonson@lamar.edu

J. Eli Barclay
Phone: 409-880-8337
Office: SBS 203L
Email: mailto: jarod.barclay@lamar.edu

Ken Carona
Phone: 409-880-8286
Office: SBS 203A
Email: kcarona@lamar.edu

Dr. Raymond Doe, Industrial/Organizational Concentration Director
Phone 409-880-8283
Office: SBS 203M

Mr. Andrew (Andy) Garza
Phone: 409-880-8298
Office: SBS 203G
Email: algarza@lamar.edu

Dr. Edythe E. Kirk, Department Chair
Phone: 409-880-8285
Office: SBS 203N
Email: kirkee@lamar.edu

Dr. Gokhan (Geff) Oztunc
Phone: 409-880-8287
Office: 203J
Email: goztunc@lamar.edu

Dr. Martha A. Rinker
Phone: 409-880-8296
Office: SBS 203C
Email: marinker@lamar.edu

Jeferson Scheidemandel
Phone: 409-880-8299
Office: SBS 203D
Email: jhscheidema1@lamar.edu

Dr. Jeremy A. Shelton
Phone: 409-880-7839
Office: SBS 203H
Email: sheltonious@gmail.com

Dr. Sherri Shoefstall
Phone: 409-880-8289
Office: SBS 203B
Email: sherri.shoefstall@lamar.edu


Ms. Lori Jones
Phone: 409-880-8285
Office: SBS 203