Master's Degree in Applied Psychology

Department of Psychology

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Applied Psychology
Hours: 60/45 depending on track

Psychology Masters Degree

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Degree Description

Lamar University's Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology prepares you for employment in business, industry or mental health agencies. Two degree tracks offer specialized study in either industrial/organizational psychology or clinical psychology. Both degrees provide a well-balanced blend of academics and practical experience.

Professionals with this degree typically work under the direction of workers from a variety of fields, such as nursing, psychiatry, psychology or social work. Job settings typically include private practices, schools, offices, hospitals, community centers and businesses.

Why Study Applied Psychology at Lamar?

The Master of Science Degree in Applied Psychology at Lamar University prepares you as a professional for employment in business, industry or community mental health agencies. Two degree tracks offer specialized study in either Industrial/Organizational Psychology or in Clinical Psychology. The program provides you the opportunity to work with patients over an extended period to treat psychological trauma and improve general life skills.

As an applied psychology professional, you could help clients master living skills and communicate more effectively, support their participation in a treatment plan, offer case management support and guidance or arrange for medical care, vocational training, job placement and other outside services.

Career Paths

As we come to understand more about the way people think, feel and behave, we are able to apply that knowledge to various aspects of everyday living. Your decision to enter any given applied psychology setting will depend on your own interests, skills and education choices. Here is simply an overview of general applications of psychology, along with a few popular job titles; however, the true number of careers related to or influenced by psychology is limitless. 

Primary Careers

School/career counselor, drug and alcohol addiction counselor, art/music therapist

Career Areas

  • Clinical and mental health counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Criminal justice
  • Health care and rehabilitation
  • Business
  • Education
  • Social services

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Schools and universities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Counseling firms/organizations
  • Business owners, all-levels