Bachelor's Degree in American Sign Language

Department of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education

Degree Description

The Bachelor of Arts in American Sign Language at Lamar University has three separate tracks for advocacy, teaching and interpreting. This degree could lead you to a career as a sign language interpreter, certified teacher, advocate and lobbyist, or even as a speech-language pathologist, postsecondary foreign language and literature teacher, or social worker.
ASL teaching and interpreting are considered two of the best, most meaningful jobs in the country. Within this program, you'll learn valuable communication skills that you can apply anywhere and with virtually anyone. ASL is a language that brings everyone together, and you'll get to learn from experts every day.

Why Study American Sign Language at Lamar?

The Lamar University Department of Deaf Studies & Deaf Education is an accredited member of the Council on Education of the Deaf. Lamar presents ASL as a culture- and community-based language that interacts with other world languages. Our program techniques include immersion and bilingual-bicultural comparison classes, community interaction, research, lab activities and use of digital video technology.
You will gain documented proficiency in ASL, validity within the deaf community and networking opportunities within the professional community. You will graduate from this program prepared for a career as an ASL interpreter, advocate or educator.
Watch our faculty interview to learn more about the Department of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. 

Career Paths

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most sign language teachers are employed by junior colleges, museums and historical sites and institutions, and community services agencies. Top-paying industries for sign language interpreters include the federal executive branch, computer systems design, and colleges, universities, and professional schools.


Primary Careers

Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy Teachers and Instructors; Interpreters and Translators

Meet the Faculty

Dr. M. Diane Clark
Chair, Professor
Professor Zanthia SmithZanthia Smith
Associate Professor
Dr. S. Jordan Wright
Assistant Professor
Joseph MannJoseph Mann III