Master's Degree in Nutrition – Applied Nutrition

Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Degree: Master of Science
Major: Nutrition 
Concentration: Applied Nutrition
Hours: 30

Students studying for their Master of Science degree in Nutrition

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Degree Description

Earning a Master of Science in Nutrition – Applied Nutrition will open a world of opportunities for you as a professional in nutrition or nutrition-related fields. This concentration will enable you to apply innovations in nutrition science and evidence-based nutrition guidelines using a community nutrition focus.

The Community Nutrition emphasis will enhance your knowledge and skills as a future nutritionist, dietitian or other professional in nutrition practice. This will enable you to take an integrated and cohesive approach to meet the needs of your clients.

Why Study Applied Nutrition at Lamar University?

The Master of Science in Nutrition – Applied Nutrition is a 30-hour program that is completed 100% online. The LU online M.S. in Applied Nutrition degree bridges the gap between formal education and professional practice as it prepares you to be a powerful part of the solution to numerous nutrition challenges.

Courses throughout the LU program will expose you to career opportunities, including a capstone course with opportunities for career explorations in your area of interest. You will graduate from Lamar with a digital portfolio demonstrating your skills and knowledge.

Career Paths

When you graduate from the Lamar University M.S. in Applied Nutrition program, you will be poised to become an agent of change within the state and nation. Job opportunities include being a manager, researcher, educator, advocate or director who can provide leadership in creating and implementing programs and policies concerning nutrition.

Primary Careers

Nutritionist, dietitian, educator

Career Areas

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Research
  • Management
  • Community nutrition
  • Consulting

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Healthcare facilities
  • K-12 schools
  • Sports and athletics
  • Businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government agencies 

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Amy ShowsDr. Amy Shows, RDN
Program Director
Dr. Jill KilloughDr. Jill Killough, RDN, LD
Department Chair
Dr. Connie RuizDr. Connie Ruiz, RDN, LD
Associate Professor
Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr. Jau-Jiin ChenDr. Jau-Jiin Chen, RDN
Nutrition and Dietetics