Bachelor's Degree in General Studies

Center for General Studies

Degree Description

Because the Bachelor of General Studies Degree at Lamar University provides a broadbased program of study, you can tailor a degree plan for personal enrichment through study in those academic areas in which you have a special interest. You may choose to continue your education by entering graduate school to pursue a master's or doctoral degree, or you may enter professional schools to pursue careers such as law, medicine or business.
You may find job opportunities in government administration. For you who are already established in a stable job or career with a particular employer, this degree can enhance opportunities for advancement. And for some individuals, earning the BGS is simply a fulfillment of a lifelong personal goal of obtaining a four-year college degree.

Why General Studies at Lamar?

The Lamar University Bachelor of General Studies Degree provides you the opportunity for an individualized plan of study in more than one area of interest, resulting in a broad multi-disciplinary program of study. LU offers this degree both as a 15-week on-campus or online program and an accelerated, 8-week online program.