Supply Chain Management Track - Bachelor's Degree in University Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree Description

The Bachelor of Science Degree in University Studies – Supply Chain Management is a 120-hour program with online or on-campus options. This program has eight supply chain management related courses, plus four writing and communication courses to prepare students to solve today's complex problems. 

Supply chain management is the study of the flow of goods from raw material to the consumer. Today's dynamic, global and interconnected world requires professionals who can manage and optimize supply chain operations. Recent supply chain issues such as the microchip shortage in the automotive industry and substantial delays in vessel operations at U.S. ports highlight the critical nature of the global supply chain and the challenging problems faced by supply chain management professionals. Companies and government agencies require employees who can effectively operate systems to deliver goods to customers. 

What is unique about Supply Chain Management at Lamar University?

Our degree program combines a structured program of study with the flexibility to customize the student's educational experience. Students can apply up to 90 hours of prior university coursework toward the degree, and, of those 90 hours, the degree can accommodate up to 27 hours of related technical credit. Also, a limited number of prerequisites allows our students to progress to advanced coursework quickly so that a timely graduation is achieved. 

Career Paths

Graduates with a B.S. in University Studies – Supply Chain Management are equipped with the knowledge and skillset to solve today's complex challenges in logistics, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing and procurement. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2021, logisticians are a fast-growing field with 191,000 current employees and an expected growth of 30% by 2030. The program is fully online, so students can work effectively while in school. Some big employers for supply chain management graduates include UPS, FedEx, Pepsico, Nike and Amazon. 

Primary Careers

Logisticians, Buyer Planner, Sales, Warehousing, Port and Terminal Operations