Leadership Certification

College of Business

Program Description

Lamar University's Leadership Certificate graduate program will help you develop leadership qualities that are essential for success. You will learn how to create high trust organizational culture, develop a shared organizational purpose, unleash the full potential of human capital and align systems to support your organization's purpose. Five courses are required to graduate and no GMAT is required. Students must obtain a 3.0 GPA for the courses with a “C” or better in each Leadership class. 

Why Study Leadership at Lamar?

With the Leadership Certificateyou will gain understanding of the most valuable leadership practices to achieve extraordinary results and develop skills important for the effective management of change. 

Career Paths

Companies look to leadership development programs to seek out and inject high performers into their workforce and deepen their pool of potential senior managers. They want hard workers and they want results. Successful graduates emerge with several key assets unique to leadership students: a network of senior leaders, visibility into multiple parts of the company and a clear view of where opportunity is and how to get it. Throughout your program, you will be expected to drive your own career development and continually prove yourself, because individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit and an internal drive towards results have been the most successful.

Primary Careers

Senior Manager, General Manager, Human Resources Manager