Business Analytics Certification

College of Business

Degree Description

Our Business Analytics Certificate graduate program blends passionate teaching, active learning, specialized knowledge and professional development to enhance your career potential. This program is designed to give you sufficient coverage of data analytics, offering you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with different types of business intelligence and software tools. After receiving this certificate, you will be prepared to make informed business decisions through data visualization and other techniques. 

Why Study Business Analytics at Lamar?

The U.S. has one-third of the world’s data. The vast wealth of digital information harnessed through data analytics can raise productivity of US organizations and give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Business analytics is the process of collating, sorting, processing and studying business data, and using statistical models and iterative methodologies to transform data into business insights. The goal of the Business Analytics Certificate is to determine which datasets are useful and how they can be leveraged to solve problems and increase efficiency, productivity and revenue.

Career Paths

A certificate in business analytics prepares you for many types of careers. Companies look to hire mid-level management personnel with a variety of relevant experience.


Primary Careers

Business analyst, project manager, business consultant, digital media consultant