Strategic Plan

Current Strategic Plan 2020-2025

For nearly 100 years, Lamar University has provided an accessible and exceptional education to students on a global scale with a clear pathway to a successful career. Having just completed a campus-wide strategic plan, our commitment to students has never been stronger as we continue our commitment to focusing on one student at a time.

A core team and a large strategic planning committee formed consisting of approximately 100 members inclusive of faculty from a variety of departments and colleges across campus, staff, students, alumni and other community stakeholders.

Task forces composed of members from this committee met numerous times throughout the process and identified opportunities and advanced recommendations. There were three outreach sessions whereby feedback was solicited from multiple focus groups comprised of LU faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders. The committee was then charged with the development of a comprehensive plan, including a new vision statement and mission statement, which is to serve as the road map for the university for the next 3-5 years.

With this focus, LU continues to provide the intellectual capital for today's workforce and the leaders of tomorrow. Our strategic plan provides not only direction for the university, but also as changes in higher education and the world around us occur, how we might partner in addressing solutions to the challenges confronting society as a whole. 

Due to the changing landscape affected by COVID-19 and budget restrictions, some parts/elements of the strategic plan may be delayed in implementation. 

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Thanks to all of you for your support and for helping to make LU what it is today.


Kenneth R. Evans President