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LU Health Education Survey 2023

The ACHA-NCHA survey is now live as of March 20th, 2023. Please check your LU email for a link to this survey. This survey asks questions related to health behaviors linked to alcohol and other drugs, mental health, physical health, safety and wellbeing, sexual wellness, among other topics.

The purpose of this survey is to better help the LU Health Education department create, develop, and provide more engaging, exciting, and informative health programs for you and the rest of the student body of LU and LIT. This survey is only send out every two years and the statistics from this survey help the LU Health Education Department for years to follow.

Details about the survey:

  • any full time student taking at least one on-campus course will receive the survey link
  • it is confidential. no answers are linked to your name and nobody will know how or what you answer
  • the survey is voluntary, but highly encouraged
  • it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • the email is sent from a national organization,
  • the survey period lasts a few weeks and you will conveniently receive up to three reminders to finish the survey
  • the answers you provide are optional, confidential, and you are welcome to skip any questions that may cause mental distress
  • if you have any suggestions, feedback, or commentary about this survey process, please contact the Assistant Director of Health Education who is in charge of processing this survey and providing it to students, Courtney Jackson, MPH at
  • you will benefit directly from taking this survey, as will future students, because your answers on this survey that is conducted every two years directly relate to new programs created on campus

If you choose to take this survey, the LU Health Education Department thanks you for your generosity and patience, as well as your consideration for making Lamar University a better, safer, healthier place to be. 

To all professors who have allowed the LU Health Education Department to visit their classes with a presentation about the details of this survey, thank you! 


LU Health Ed

Courtney Jackson, MPH
Assistant Director of Health Education
(409) 880-7865
Email Health Ed

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