Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, please call 409-880-8466 between the hours of 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Most requests can be accommodated on the same day if you call before noon.

How much does it cost to come to the Student Health Center(SHC)?
Counseling sessions are $10.00. For medical services, pricing starts with a $10.00 office visit and increases in price as procedures, lab orders, and medications are added. If cost is a concern, please inquire about pricing prior to receiving services.

How do I pay for services? Do you accept insurance?
The SHC bills all charges to your Banner account as a Miscellaneous Fee. We accept only the student insurance offered through Lamar University and Academic Health Plans. This insurance pays 100% of all SHC charges except for medication. If you are not on the student insurance plan, you may file your own claim to your personal insurance by following their claims protocol.

Will my financial aid pay for my services?
Financial aid will not automatically pay for your services at the SHC. However, you may use any financial aid refund money placed on your Cardinal One card to cover the cost of services.

Medical Questions

My degree/program (such as nursing) has medical requirements. Do you provide those services?
With the exception of the LIT fire academy physical, the SHC provides all required physicals, testing and immunizations. 

Do you prescribe birth control? What about free birth control through my insurance?
The SHC prescribes birth control. Oral contraceptives and Depo Provera are available here or you may request a written prescription to fill at an off-campus pharmacy for oral contraceptives, vaginal ring or Depo Provera.

For free birth control, we will write a prescription that you will use, with your prescription card, at an off-campus pharmacy. If you want free Depo Provera, ask for a written prescription, fill it at an off-campus pharmacy and schedule an appointment at the SHC to have it injected. This costs only a $10.00 injection fee.

I have a prescription from an off-campus provider. Can the Student Health Center pharmacy fill it?
The SHC pharmacy can fill a limited number of prescriptions from outside providers if we have the medication in stock. An appointment with a provider is required so we can rewrite the prescription and fill it as part of the appointment.

Counseling Questions

I live in the dorms. Can SHC counselors help me with my request for an emotional support animal?
This request form should be filled out by a provider with whom you have a long term relationship such as your primary care doctor. However, we can counsel you on whatever issue is causing your distress. 

I think I need anxiety/depression medication. How do I get this medication?
First, make an appointment for an assessment with the counselor. If the counselor recommends medication, you will next be referred to the medical side of the SHC for a health evaluation and prescription.

A professor suggested I might have ADHD. Can the SHC help?
SHC counselors can perform an ADHD screening. Based on your screening results, you may be provided with paperwork to turn into the Disability Resource Center (DRC) for classroom accommodations. In addition to accommodations, the counselor may refer you off-campus to a psychiatrist who can help you with a prescription if needed.

If we have not addressed your question, please contact us at 409-880-8466.


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