Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact our office for more information and clarification. 

  • How do I deposit money? 
    • Come to the Office of Student Organization Services to get a deposit slip. Call LUPD from the Student Organization Services Office and wait for them to come and escort you to the Cashier's Office.
  • What is my club account number?
    • Please email, call, or go to Suite 270 of the Setzer Student Center to ask the Student Organization Services Student Assistants. They can write it down for you. The number is: (409) 880-8721 or email: 
  • How do I apply for Co-Sponsorship Funding?
  • How do I request funds from my student organization? 
    • Complete the Request for Funds process on LUHub, through the budgeting tool on your group page.
    • You can request advance withdraws, reimbursements, transfer to other departments/student organizations, and the Market Basket Card. 
  • How do I start a student organization? 
    • Fill out the Intent to Organize a New Student Organization form. You need a President, Vice President, and Treasurer, as well as two other members. In addition, you need a full-time, faculty/staff member to serve as your student organization advisor. 
  • How do I reserve a room? 
    • Complete the Event Request process on LUHub, or go visit the Event Services Office in Suite 270 of the Setzer Student Center, email: or call: (409) 880-7285
  • How do I cancel/change my room/event reservation?
  • How do I use the student organization resources that Student Organization Services offers?
  • What are all the resources available for student organizations to use?
    • Lockboxes, money bag, large laminator, small heat laminator, Expo markers, Crayola markers, poster markers, button maker and button supplies, scissors, TV presentation cart, presentation paper, computers in the Student Organization Workroom, lockers, mailboxes, training workshops. 
    • If there is something not on the list, contact us, and see if it is something we can offer! 
  • How do I apply for a locker or a mailbox? 

Morgan Pulliam
Coordinator for Student Engagement
Setzer Student Center 270

Student Organization Services
Setzer Student Center 270


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