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The Co-Sponsorship program assists Lamar University Registered Student Organization with funding campus events & Travel expenses. Co-sponsorship is available to assist Registered Student Organizations with 50% of their event or travel expenses.  Up to $1,500 per academic year.

To use the Co-Sponsorship fund the organization must be registered with the Office of Student Organization services and be in good standing with the Dean of Student Office. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Co-sponsorship can fund :

Travel: Lamar University Registered Student Organization are eligible to apply for travel funding to present academic research or attend a professional development conference at local, state-wide, regional or national levels.

Campus Events: the co-sponsorship funding can only be used for an educational activity or event that provides an educational enhancement to their personal or professional experiences at Lamar University.


  • A Registered Student Organization can request a maximum of $1,500 during the academic
    year (September 1st – July 31st). The Council on Student Organizations must review and
    approve/disapprove all co-sponsorship proposals more than $500.
  • The Coordinator for Student Engagement and the Associate Director for Programs and
    Events may approve requests of $500 or less.
  • The co-sponsorship applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. These
    guidelines for co-sponsorship apply to Lamar University RSOs only.
  • RSOs making requests for funding must be fully registered and in good standing with the Office of Student Organization Services and the Dean of Students Office, specifically:
    • Registered with up to date officers with Student Organization Services
    • Registered Student Organization President, Vice President, and Treasurer have completed Risk Management Training
    • No outstanding balances with any University Departments (i.e. LUPD, Event Services, Price Auditorium, etc.)
    • Complete Co-Sponsorship application
    • Complete a University Travel Waiver Form for all student travelers as part of the Co-Sponsorship application and submitted with the application in the appropriate sections
  • The application must be submitted AT LEAST 21 business days (Monday - Friday) in advance
  • Only the RSO President may submit the Co-Sponsorship Application
  • If there are any mistakes on the application, the organization will have two (2) business days to make the necessary corrections. If the corrections are not made, the application will be denied and will need to be resubmitted. 

Campus Event Guidelines

  • Must be open and marketed to all Lamar University students in the form of an educational activity or event with a university-wide impact.
  • Food cost does not exceed $100
  • Submit all forms of marketing materials
  • Provide all documents on how the co-sponsorship funds will be used. 
  • Standard University contracts will be required for certain services and speaker agreement

Travel Guidelines

  • The cost of meals will be calculated based on the Lamar University Travel Policy. 
  • Must provide all acceptable documents on how the Co-sponsorship funds will be used
    • Itinerary from sponsoring organization
    • Hotel invoices/ Check-out receipts
    • Registration Cost
    • Receipt for Meals, Snacks, and Gas for off-campus travel.
    • All receipt may be dated one day before, through one day after the conference if traveling

All acceptable methods and format for submitting the documents above are:

  • picture or Screenshot of website
  • Jpeg,PNG, & PDF

Receipt Guidelines

  • Registered Student Organization will have 14 business days after an
    event or travel to submit proper documentation of how funds were used.
  • ALL receipts must be presented at once.
  • Failure to provide proper documentation in the allotted time will result in:
    • If the co-sponsorship funds that were awarded cannot be properly
      documented how they were used, then any remaining balance
      will be taken out of the Registered Student Organization account.
    • If funds are not available, the Registered Student Organization’s
      privileges for requesting co-sponsorship funds will be suspended
      by the Office of Student Organization Services for the next
      academic school year

Unused Funds

  • If the RSO does not use all of the funds provided, they can re-apply for co-sponsorship after 30 business days. Each case will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Restrictions of Co-Sponsorship

  • Co-Sponsorship funding cannot be used for the following: 
    • Senior design project materials
    • Banquets
    • Receptions
    • Honorarium
    • Apparel
    • Alcohol
    • Ammunition
    • Marketing
    • Materials for a competition
    • Meetings
    • Concerts
    • Promotional Items
    • Tobacco
    • Gift Cards
    • Firearms


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