Room Reservations for Student Organizations

Event Registration and Reservation Request

Registered Student Organizations are welcome to plan meetings, informationals, and other events in the Setzer Student Center and other spaces on campus. The information below will assist you in this process!

To start, access the Events Calendar on LU Hub, then click Create Event. This will open the information page for the LU Hub calendar. The information you enter on this page is what is seen by potential or current attendees - think of this page as your digital flyer.

  1. What: The event name, description, and type.
  2. Organizing Team: Information about who is the main contact.
  3. When: Date, time, and recurring setting.
  4. Photo & Flyer: Upload images to be used on LU Hub or in email correspondences.
  5. More Details: If your event requires a certain dress code, you can select that here. You can also advertise any food that is provided at your event.
  6. Access & Display Options: You can utilize this to restrict who can register (RSVP) for your event, select from everyone (including public) to group members. Additionally, you can adjust the advertising settings for your event.
  7. Registration Options: Here you can set your options for your registration (RSVP). LU Hub will default to an unlimited RSVP. Click edit on the right to set a maximum using the Quantity Available field. Below that you can also set the duration people could register, a maximum number (if you had different RSVP types), as well as other options.
  8. Advanced Options: This section is great to modify the look and features of your event on LU Hub. You can highlight a guest speaker, add additional questions to ask your attendees, set your co-hosts, etc. The Parent Event is a great option for conferences or similar events, where there is one overarching event with sessions or breakouts.

Once you have completed all the required fields and set the optional ones to your liking, click Create Event. This will take you to the Reservation Request form, answer the questions which follow accurately to ensure timely processing. Once submitted your advisor will need to approve the request, contact them if they do not already know to expect a request coming!

Request Timeline

Reservation requests submitted prior to the timeframe of the appropriate tier will not be processed until that timeframe opens and may be subject to denial. All reservation requests must be submitted no less than 14 days, 21 days if the attendance is 100 or more, prior to the planned reservation date.


Changes can be made up to 72 hours prior to the event time noted on the Confirmation. Cancellations may be made at any time, however those made less than 72 hours prior may be required to pay any associated fees. All changes or cancellations must be sent via email to

Managing Your Event (Attendance)

Checking in attendees is quick and easy with the LU Hub mobile app. First, tap on Upcoming Events from the Main Menu. Select the event that you'd like to check in attendees. Then, tap on the top right menu (three dots) and then Check In Attendees.

The easiest way to check in attendees is by QR code. Select the QR tab and use the camera on your device to scan QR codes from your attendee's virtual tickets. The green "Checked-In" message will appear when the attendee is successfully checked in.

Additionally, you can manually check attendees in. To do so, tap on the list tab, scroll through the list of attendees, or search people by typing their names and clicking on the 'Check-In' icon. You'll see a green icon next to the attendee indicating that they've been successfully checked in.