Lifeguard Certification

We offer American Red Cross lifeguarding classes!

Get certified in Lifeguarding, CPR for the Professional Rescuer, and First Aid. You must be at least 15 years old by the last class day.

You will learn:

  • patron surveillance techniques
  • victim recognition
  • proper entry techniques
  • proper rescue skills... and much more

For more information on upcoming classes, email

FIRST, you must pass the pre-test:

  • Swimming 300 yards
    A non-timed event where you can swim the front crawl, breaststroke, or a combination of the two.
  • Two minute tread
    Students must use legs only and keep their head above the water.
  • Brick test
    The brick test must be completed within 1 minute and 40 seconds. You start in the water, swim 20 yards, dive head first or feet first to bottom of the pool, grab the brick with two hands, swim back to starting point, climb out of the water and stand up to have the time stopped.

Please bring a picture ID with your date of birth when completing your pre-test. 

Lifeguard Blended Learning Classes Spring 2019

Lamar Aquatics is offering blended learning lifeguard classes this spring.  Blended learning classes mean you complete an online portion of the class at home on your own time.  Then you come in person to the Lamar indoor pool to complete the physical portion of the course.  This allows each participant to learn at home at their own pace, but still, have the hands-on practice for the actual skills.  

Session Class Day 1 Class Day 2 Class Day 3 Registration Deadline Pre-Test Information
Session 1 April 12th

April 13th

April 14th
April 5th

April 9th

Session 2 April 26th

April 27th

April 28th
April 19th

April 23rd

Session 3 May 17th

May 18th

May 19th
May 10th

May 14th

Session 4 May 31st

June 1st

June 2nd
May 24th

May 28th

What should you do next?

  1. Choose the session that best fits your need.
  2. Complete the registration and pay for the class.  All blended learning classes cost $225.
    1. Register Here
  3. Complete the online portion of the class. Print out completion certification and bring it on your first day of class.
    1. Online Lifeguard Portion
  4. Come on pre-test day to complete your three required swimming pre-test.  Pre-test time can be adjusted but you must be available all three days for the in-class portion. 

Lifeguard Review Course

The Lifeguard Review Course is designed for those participants who are currently certified Lifeguards.  You can take this course instead of taking the entire course again.  It will review all necessary skills and certify you for an additional 2 years. 

Class Date: May 11th & 12th
Class Time: 9am-5pm
Registration Deadline: May 3rd
Pre-Test Date: May 7th
Pre-Test Time: 4pm-7pm 

If this is the right class for you,

  1. Complete the online registration and pay for the class. Cost is $125.
    1. Register Here
  2. Come on pre-test day to complete your three required swimming pre-test.  Pre-test time can be adjusted but you must be available all three days for the in-class.
    1. Make sure to bring your current certification to the pre-test or you will not be allowed in the class.
  3. Show up at the indoor pool on your first class day with your own participant manual, whistle, hip pack, and combo pocket mask.