Indoor Pool Policies

These rules and policies will always be enforced for the safety of all patrons and staff members. These rules and policies may change at any time based on current safety needs. The Lifeguard has the right to enforce rules other than those listed. We reserve the right to ask patrons to leave at any time.


  • Patrons must respect other patrons and Aquatics Staff members. Patrons must respect and abide by the requests of the Lifeguards or other staff members on duty.


  • Profanity is not allowed in any part of the Pool Area as a courtesy to other patrons and the professionalism of our facility.


  • Observe all warning signs. We have several warning signs located in the Pool area to keep the patrons safe and aware.


  • Patrons must not talk to the Lifeguard on stand at any time. Lifeguards are responsible for patron safety. Talking to the Lifeguard on stand will prevent the Lifeguard from watching all patrons.


  1. For the comfort of those patrons who are swimming, we ask that no one sits on the side of the Pool watching the swimmers swim.
  2. During group lessons, parents may sit in the bleachers and are allowed to walk around the Pool on the last class day of the session.
  3. During private lessons, parents are only allowed to enter the Pool area on the last class day.


  1. Patrons are not allowed to touch the radio or the whiteboard.
  2. The radio is controlled by the Aquatics Staff to ensure proper use of the machine and noise control.
  3. The whiteboard is for Aquatics staff use only.
  4. Notices for patrons may be posted on the whiteboard.

Food and Drinks

  1. No food or drinks in the Pool area or Dressing Rooms. Please use the water fountain outside.
  2. This helps keep insects out and our facility as clean as possible.
  3. Water bottles with a sealable lid are allowed for lap swimmers and must be placed on the side of the pool, where it does not interfere with any other patron.

Exiting the Pool

  1. Patrons must exit the Pool 15 minutes before the posted closing time to ensure patrons and staff members are exit the building at the correct closing time.
  2. Patrons may be required to exit the Pool at other times at the request of any Lifeguard for any reason.

Before Swimming

How to Enter the Pool Area

  1. Regular Entrance: Regular patrons must first present a valid ID and check in at the Pool Front Desk, located at the back of the Health and Human Performance Complex A. Patrons may then enter the Pool Area through the Men’s/ Women’s Dressing Rooms.
  2. Learn-to-Swim Entrance: For One-on-One Instruction: Water Safety Instructors will meet students with/without parents at the glass double doors at the side of the Pool.
  3. For Group Lessons: The glass doors will be unlocked for LTS patrons to enter.
  4. Kinesiology Classes: Student enrolled in Kinesiology classes held at the Pool must present a valid ID and check in at the Pool Front Desk.
  5. Group Fitness Classes: Patrons must present a valid ID at the Pool Front Desk.
  6. Waivers: All patrons entering the Pool Area must have a Waiver of Liability on file with the Aquatics Staff.
  7. Fusion System: All patrons must be listed as active in Fusion, a membership management software used by the Rec Center and Pool to be able to enter.  

Shower Before Swimming

  1. All swimmers must shower before entering the Pool.
  2. Why: Oils from the skin and hair react with the chemicals in the Pool and interfere with the careful balance of chemicals we must maintain to ensure a safe, comfortable swimming experience.
  3. Hair also absorbs chlorine, which can damage hair and also takes away the chlorine needed in the Pool.
  4. By rinsing off before swimming, you’ll bring less dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria into the Pool.

Dress Code

  1. Proper swim attire is required for all swimmers. No cut-off shorts, no basketball shorts, no undergarments, and no socks are allowed in the Pool.
  2. Why: The frays and fibers from cut-offs, basketball shorts, and socks clog the filtration system of the Pool. Absolutely NO basketball shorts.
  3. Why: When undergarments get wet, they become see-through. This is an unacceptable appearance and may cause other Pool patrons to become uncomfortable. It is also very unhygienic to have undergarments in the Pool.
  4. Allowed material includes swimsuit/swim trunk material, Under Armor, and other garments made of Dri-Fit material. No cotton garments are allowed.
  5. T-shirts are allowed only if they are made of Dri-Fit material, not cotton.
  6. No socks or tennis shoes. If you would like to wear shoes, you may wear proper water shoes only.

Dressing Room Use

  1. Any LU or LIT students, faculty, or staff my use the dressing rooms. If you’re not using the Pool, you don’t have to present a valid Lamar or LIT ID to the Pool Front Desk.
  2. Locker Rentals: Lockers may be rented from the Health and Kinesiology Department, located in the Human Health Performance Complex A Room 101.

During Swimming

Please abide by the designated days and times for lap swim and open swim. These rules are intended to ensure that all our patrons’ fitness and recreation needs are met. It helps keep the Pool organized and our patrons happy and safe, which is our number one concern.

Lap Swim

  1. Consists of swimming up and down the entire length of the Pool with minimum stops in between laps.
  2. Only 3 people allowed in each lap swim lane. Lap swimmers must stay in their designated lap swim lanes.
  3. Patrons who are unable to swim in the deep end will not be allowed to lap swim.

Open Swim

  1. Consists of the entire Pool being open for basketball, diving, and other activities while also having 2-3 lanes available for lap swim.
  2. Swimmers for open swim must stay in the designated open swim areas.

Activity Time 

  1. Consists of the entire Pool being open for basketball, diving, water polo and other activities. 
  2. The entire pool is available for activity time and no lanes will be set up for lap swim. 

Entering the Pool

  1. Patrons are not allowed to enter the Pool area without authorization.
  2. You may only enter the water when a Lifeguard is on duty.
  3. Patrons may not open the glass double doors to allow another patron to enter the Pool without checking in at the Pool Front Desk.

Diving and Jumping

  1. All dives must be off both feet. NO suicide dives or back flips.
  2. All swimmers must face the water when jumping or diving in.
  3. No diving or jumping off the side of the Pool in the shallow end.
  4. No hanging or sitting on the diving board.
  5. Failure to follow these rules may result in serious injury or death.


  1. Pool toys and exercise equipment are available to patron use and are located in the Equipment Room.
  2. Patrons who damage any equipment will be held financially responsible for repairing or replacing the item.
  3. Please return all equipment to its designated area in the Equipment Room when you are finished swimming.

Unsafe Play

  • No running or horseplay. The deck of the Pool is very slippery and running can lead serious injury. Horseplay is unacceptable behavior as it may lead to serious injury or death.

Pool Drain

  • Do not touch or sit on any drain for any reason. The pool drain filters through suction. Interfering with the function of the filters may result in serious injury or death.

Lane Ropes

  • Do not hang or sit on the lane ropes. The lane ropes are not a floatation device and will sink and stretch if sat upon.

Non-Swimmers and Weak Swimmers

  1. Do not attempt to swim in the deep end if you are not a good swimmer.
  2. Lifeguards have the authority to request swimmers to pass a swim test before swimming in the deep end. We strictly enforce the swim test in order to keep all of our patrons safe.
  3. The swim test includes a 25-yard swim across the pool, unsupported and comfortable.
  4. Patrons will be required to wear a personal flotation device if they are unable to swim.

Swim Teams

  • Swimmers and coaches must follow all rules and instructions from Lifeguards and the Aquatics Coordinator.

Patron Warnings

Verbal Warnings

  1. One warning from the Lifeguard: You may stay and swim.
  2. Two warnings from the Lifeguard: You will be told that if you continue to misbehave you will be asked to leave the Pool.
  3. Three warnings from the Lifeguard: You will be asked to leave the Pool.

If the Patron is Asked to Leave

  1. Once: You are allowed to come back and swim another day.
  2. Twice: You are not allowed back into the Pool until you meet with the AC.
  3. Three Times: You will not be allowed to return to the Pool for the rest of the semester.
  4. If the patron refuses to leave the Pool, LU Campus Police and a supervisor will be called and the patron will be escorted from the premises.

A Lifeguard can give you a warning for violating any of the above rules and regulations. In addition, the Lifeguard may ask any patron to discontinue any behavior the Lifeguard feels is unsafe, even if it is not listed in the rules. The Lifeguard has the authority to require any patron to leave under any circumstances.

Who Can Swim at the Pool

LU/LIT Students

Current Students: All current LU/LIT students who have the Recreational Sports student fee may use the Pool. Each student will be given a valid LU/LIT photo ID. Students must present this ID to the Aquatics staff at the Front Desk to enter the Aquatics Facility.

New Students: New students who do not yet have an ID must present a photo ID to be allowed into the Aquatics Facility. This exception will only be allowed for two weeks after the start of classes. After this, students without a valid ID will not be allowed to enter the Aquatics Facility.

LU/LIT Faculty and Staff

Current Recreational Sports Members: All LU/LIT faculty/staff members with a current Recreational Sports membership may use the Pool. The faculty/staff member must present their photo ID to the Aquatics staff at the Front Desk to enter the Aquatics Facility.

Non-Members of Recreational Sports: Faculty/staff of LU/LIT who are currently employed but do not wish to use the Recreational Sports Center may still use the indoor pool.  Bring your current Faculty/Staff ID or request to have a swipe ID printed for you.  

LU/LIT Alumni

  1. An LU/LIT alumnus who wants to use the Pool must be a member of the LU or LIT alumni club member who has purchased a Recreational Sports membership.
  2. Alumni must pay the Recreational Sports membership fee, not just the alumni fee.
  3. The Rec Center will issue an ID that will be used to enter the Aquatics Facility.

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