Student Profile - Charity Ogbeide

SGA president embraces Lamar University as second chance

When Charity Ogbeide enrolled at Lamar University, he knew that college was a second chance and an opportunity for him to reinvent himself.Charity Ogbeide

“In high school, I wasn’t involved in any of the organizations,” Ogbeide said. “I always tell people the only thing I was ever part of was winning class clown my senior year. So coming to college, I wanted to take advantage of everything.”

Elected as Lamar University Student Government Association president for 2013-2014, the Missouri City native decided to seize every opportunity he found to be involved. He is a member of LUTV, a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, has been on the executive board for the African Student Association, a member of the Professional Communication Association and has been elected Homecoming Lord.

“Being part of ASA definitely helped me stay connected to my African heritage,” Ogbeide said. “Both of my parents were born in Nigeria and came to America in the 1970s. They pushed me to strive for excellence and made it clear that failure wasn't an option."

A corporate communication major, Ogbeide said that his communication classes played a monumental role in his college education, teaching him concepts of professionalism. He said that his public speaking classes taught him that perception is reality and how to incorporate this knowledge into his dream of becoming a lawyer.

With the mentoring of his communication professors, Ogbeide said that he has gained the confidence and knowledge to be a successful advocate in representing others, a necessary ingredient that will aid him in his goal of attending law school.

 “After I graduate law school, I want to work in the field of human rights, serving others,” he said. “I want to work in different places where people are poverty stricken and lack education.”

Through LU’s Student Support Services, Ogbeide discovered an internship opportunity last summer at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. After being one of 20 students chosen nationwide, Ogbeide completed the internship and became a pre-law undergraduate scholar through the Law School Admission Council.

 “I had the privilege to participate in an internship that taught me what it takes to become a law student and a lawyer,” he said. “We studied various forms of law and went to different courthouses to watch actual court cases.”

This summer, Ogbeide had the opportunity to participate in an internship at Agape Development Ministries, whose mission is to bring transformation to Houston’s Third Ward through economic, emotional, and spiritual empowerment.

“We worked with underprivileged teenagers, teaching them professionalism and how to become closer to God.”

Harnessing his love for serving, Ogbeide was recently accepted to be a Child Ambassador for World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization designed to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

“Currently, I sponsor a child in Ethiopia, and now I have the opportunity to go into training to help people sponsor more children,” he said. “That is the kind of passion I have, serving others.”

Ogbeide wants to utilize this passion and employ it as SGA president.

“Our plan is to get the students involved,” he said. “We’re having an event for students to meet the football and volleyball teams. I hope to create more events like this that bring students together that normally wouldn't get to know one another, uniting the campus as a whole."

Serving as elected secretary/treasurer last year proved to be a stepping stone for Ogbeide, who believes his experiences and motives make him a good fit for president.

“Being SGA president, you learn a lot about yourself, others, leadership, success, failure, and life,” he said. “I want people to know that SGA doors are always open for everyone. I want us to grow together as Cardinals.”

Ogbeide almost missed the extraordinary opportunities Lamar has to offer.

“Originally, the day of Lamar orientation I planned on going to another college orientation, but at the last second I decided to see what Lamar had to offer,” he said. “Now, I think that must have been God. I came to Lamar and fell in love with the campus and the vast array of student organizations. Choosing Lamar has been one decision that I have never regretted.”

With the financial assistance of the Charles and Susan Gordon and Julia Gordon Gray memorial Scholarship, Ogbeide feels as if his decision to attend Lamar has been blessed.

Through his participation in organizations such as Release, Baptist Student Ministry, and being a Young Life leader, Ogbeide said that he has grown not only mentally but spiritually.

Attending Lamar has provided Ogbeide invaluable experiences and helped him flourish as an individual.

“In high school, I only thought about now, today,” he said. “Being at Lamar has helped me think about tomorrow, how I can improve and help others improve. Being at Lamar has changed my life.”