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LU Welcome Center

Welcome Center Structure

Dishman Art Museum

Main Campus Quad

Lamar B. Mirabeau StatueJack Brooks StatueFlowers by James Surls

CICE Building

Musical Stele

Theatre Arts 2nd Floor

Language of Birds - Mel ChinPraetorian Guard by James Drake

Education Building, 1st Floor

Extended Orbits by Randy TwaddleRaptor: Order and Disorder by Ken Dixon

Geology and Social & Behavioral Sciences Building

Bas Relief 1Bas Relief 2Bas Relief 4Bas Relief 5

John Gray, Rudy Williams Building

Reaud Administration Building

Reaud Honors College

me and my Arrow

Science & Technology Building

Mosaic conceptSearching for EvangelineLyric by  Lin EmeryWillful Suspension of Disbelief by Steve MurphyDeep Series Suite by Joan WinterHusk Corn by Dornith DohertySeed Viability X-Rays by Dornith DohertySunflowers by Dornith Doherty