LU’s Center for Advances in Port Management promotes maritime education

Lamar University's Center for Advances in Port Management has been working hard at promoting LU's maritime degree programs throughout Texas.  Port Photo Group

Through strategic partnerships and immersive experiences, the Center aims to cultivate a new generation of maritime professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the dynamic world of port management. 

Nathan Sanders, assistant director of the Center for Advances in Port Management, highlighted the recent collaborative efforts between Lamar University and Lamar State College Orange (LSCO) in shaping the future of maritime education. 

 "With our master's degree in port terminal management and LSCO's associate’s degree program, we envision a seamless educational pathway for students," Sanders said. "Our goal is to serve as a feeder program, where students begin their journey at LSCO, progress to Lamar University for a bachelor's in industrial technology, and further their studies with a master’s degree." 

Through their combined efforts, LSCO and Lamar University have played a pivotal role in showcasing a myriad of opportunities within the maritime sector. Utilizing state-of-the-art maritime simulators, students gain firsthand exposure to the complexities of port management, providing them with valuable insights into the realities of maritime operations. 

Sanders emphasized the transformative nature of these immersive experiences. 

"As students step into the simulator, they are brought into the world of maritime operations, confronting the tasks and challenges that define the industry," Sanders said. "From troubleshooting leaks to managing operations, the simulator offers a realistic glimpse into the nature of port management." 

This initiative builds upon recent engagements, such as the participation of the Center's Executive Director, Rob Dubois, in a panel discussion at the 2024 Port of the Future Conference held on April 2. Alongside representatives from esteemed institutions, Dubois highlighted the pivotal role of higher education in driving innovation within the maritime sector. LU's offerings, including the Master of Science in Port and Terminal Management and three graduate certificates, were showcased, emphasizing the diversePort Photo Speaking opportunities available for aspiring professionals. 

Additionally, the Center forAdvances in Port Management actively participated in Texas National Maritime Day, underscoring its commitment to promoting maritime education. This event, which celebrates the rich maritime heritage of Texas while embracing future prospects, served as a platform for raising awareness about educational opportunities within the maritime community. 

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