Lamar University President named to NCAA Division I Board of Directors

Lamar University President Dr. Jaime Taylor has been selected to the prestigious National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division I Board of Directors. In this role, Taylor will be one of 10 university presidents representing 22 NCAA Football Championship Subdivision and Division I conferences.drtaylorncaa

“I am deeply honored and privileged to serve on the NCAA Division I Board of Directors, and humbled to represent the Southland Conference,” Taylor said. “This appointment underscores our university's unwavering commitment to excellence in both academics and athletics. I look forward to collaborating with the board to champion the development of our student-athletes.”

The Board of Directors is the top governing body for Division I, responsible for strategy and policy and overseeing legislation and management of the division. The board is comprised of 20 presidents and chancellors; one from each of the 10 Football Bowl Subdivision conferences, 10 from the remaining 22 NCAA Football Championship Subdivision and Division I conferences, the chair of the NCAA Division I Council, and one faculty athletics representative. 

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors has many functions, including:

  • Focusing on strategic topics in college sports and their relationship to higher education.
  • Monitoring legislation to ensure it does not conflict with policies and goals.
  • Reviewing and approving policies and procedures governing the infractions program.
  • Approving an annual budget.
  • Adopting legislation when significant values are at stake, or an issue requires fast action that does not allow use of the regular legislative process.
  • Collaborating with NCAA staff on how the national office can best serve Division I members.

Dr. Taylor Football Field“In an extraordinary time where college athletics continues to evolve each day, it is a tremendous honor to have President Jaime Taylor of Lamar represent the Southland Conference on the NCAA Division I Board of Directors,” Commissioner Chris Grant said. “Dr. Taylor values the transformative importance of both athletics and education and recognizes the positive and substantial impact student-athletes have on campus and in the community. He is an outstanding leader and a respected voice for the Southland Conference as we progress in this new age of college athletics."   

This is the first time in Lamar University’s history to have an individual represented in this crucial role. 

Since September 2022, Lamar University's Director of Athletics, Jeff O'Malley, has also been serving the NCAA as the secretary-rules editor for the Men's Basketball Rules Committee.

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