Lamar University celebrates faculty excellence in teaching

On April 17, Lamar University’s Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement held a pinning ceremony to honor 45 current and former Lamar University faculty members who successfully completed the Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice Framework through the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).  Pinning Ceremony 2024

The ACUE Effective Teaching Practice (ETP) Framework is an intensive program that explores contemporary pedagogical methods by integrating evidence-based teaching strategies aimed at enhancing student achievement. This framework cultivates a supportive learning atmosphere for a wide spectrum of student demographics, with enrolled faculty engaging in collaborative learning experiences alongside their peers at Lamar University.  

Central to the program is the emphasis on mastering the art of course design, fostering conducive learning environments, implementing active learning methodologies, and igniting curiosity to cultivate lifelong learners. 

“Since the program began, Lamar has enrolled 144 unique faculty members, awarded 45 certificates in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework and one advanced certificate in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework, and we have an impressive 80% completion rate,” Coordinator for Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement Amy Jones said.  

The event commenced with an opening address by Associate Dean of Policy and Procedure at the College of Graduate Studies and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement, Dr. Ashley Dockens. Dr. Dockens highlighted the significance of the ACUE certification and its impact on the university community. 

“The ACUE Effective Teaching Practices Certification equips educators with evidence-based strategies to enhance student engagement, improve learning outcomes, and promote productivity in the classroom,” Dr. Dockens said. “By investing in this type of programming, Lamar University has shown its dedication to providing students with a high-quality educational experience grounded in innovative teaching methodologies." 

Dr. Dockens also highlighted the achievements of Dr. Elizabeth Long, Associate Professor of Nursing, who became the first Lamar University faculty member to complete the advanced certificate in the ETP Framework. 

Dr. Long achieved an advanced certification by completing training modules tailored to both face-to-face and online teaching modalities, demonstrating her proficiency in navigating various learning environments,” Dr. Dockens said.  LU Pinning Ceremony 2024

With these achievements serving as a testament to Lamar University's commitment to excellence in education, Jones expressed her pride in the faculty's dedication and the impact on student success. 

“The ceremony served as a symbolic gesture of Lamar faculty’s dedication to effective teaching practices and student success. We are so proud of those who have earned their Certificates in the Effective Teaching Practice Framework through our ACUE program,” Jones said. “These faculty members exemplify Lamar University’s ongoing commitment to providing high-quality education and fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Their awards represent a milestone that not only benefits the faculty who received them but also enriches the learning experiences of Lamar University's students.”