Glen Morgan honored as 17th Southeast Texas Legend

Glen W. Morgan, managing partner of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn, L.L.P., has been given the title of Southeast Texas Legend by Lamar University. This honor recognizes his outstanding contributions to the legal profession and his unwavering commitment to community service. Glen Morgan

Morgan's journey to becoming a Southeast Texas Legend is deeply intertwined with his alma mater, Lamar University, where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business in 1975. His dedication to excellence propelled him to attain his Juris Doctorate degree from South Texas College of Law in 1978, setting the stage for a distinguished career as a trial lawyer specializing in Personal Injury and Business Litigation.  

"In all my years of practice, all I ever wanted to do was help the little guy stand up against the big insurance companies and to get the justice that they deserve," Morgan said. "All my bedtime stories to the kids as they were growing up dealt with those types of things. It was always some big thing picking on something little and the moral of the story was always ‘Don't let big things pick on little people; you stand up and fight for them because sometimes they can't fight for themselves and they need someone to help them’." 

Throughout his career, Morgan's legal prowess has garnered widespread acclaim. He has been consistently recognized as a Super Lawyer by the Texas Monthly’s Super Lawyer Section since 2004, demonstrating his exceptional legal expertise. His remarkable track record in the courtroom has also earned him a coveted spot in the esteemed Best Lawyers in America list since 2006, along with recognition from the National Law Journal Top 50 Verdicts.

Dr. Jaime Taylor, President of Lamar University, highlighted Morgan's exceptional commitment to community impact.   

“What really sets Mr. Morgan apart is his commitment to transforming personal success into community impact, whether it's through his leadership  with Cardinal Athletics or his work with Lamar University Foundation. Mr. Morgan's unwavering dedication to excellence and service have left an indelible mark on our community and our university,” Dr. Taylor said.  

Morgan's commitment to Lamar University extends beyond his professional achievements. He has been deeply involved in many professional and community organizations as well.  

He has served as a valued board member of the Lamar University Foundation, and the Lamar University College of Education and Human Development Advisory Board. Moreover, he established the Donald E. Morgan Scholarship at Lamar University in honor of his father, contributing to the university's mission of providing educational opportunities to deserving students.  

Glen Morgan and Family

Additionally, he holds honorary memberships in esteemed organizations such as the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ Local 479, Beaumont Professional Firefighters Local 399, Beaumont Police Officers Association, and the Texas State Building and Construction Trades Association. 

“I listened to all the wonderful things people say, which are all true, but they do not do him justice. He's much more and much greater than that,” founder of Reaud, Morgan & Quinn Wayne Reaud said. “The real reason he's a legend in my mind is because of the content of his character. He’s a good and decent man and he's the best hire I ever made.”

Morgan's recognition as a Southeast Texas Legend at Lamar University is further amplified by the impact of the Southeast Texas Legends Scholarships initiated by the Beaumont Foundation in 2007. These scholarships honor individuals who have left a lasting mark on southeast Texas by providing endowed scholarships for bright youth who require financial assistance to fulfill their potential. 

“I do want to thank Lamar University for hosting the event, and for partnering with the foundation to give these scholarships to these individuals,” Morgan said. “It's terrible to think that we've got people out there, they're really qualified, they would do a great job for us and our society and everything, and just can't afford to go to college. Through the foundation and Lamar, these scholarships and other things they do is something that we really are lucky to have in our area.” 

 The recognition of Glen Morgan as a Southeast Texas Legend at Lamar University stands as a testament to his remarkable achievements and impact on the legal profession, the community, and the lives of countless individuals who have benefited from his generosity and mentorship.