Texas Academy, LU student orgs host healthcare panel

On Tuesday, April 2, Texas Academy, Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE), and the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) organized a special event aimed at providing valuable insights into the healthcare industry.Baptist Panel Presentation Photo

Hosted at LU’s Landes Auditorium, the event featured a diverse panel of professionals from Baptist Hospitals representing various disciplines within the medical field.

Spearheaded by students, this initiative sought to offer aspiring healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to engage with experts and gain firsthand knowledge about different career paths.

“Organizing the Baptist healthcare panel with AMSA and SASE speaks directly to a need we all feel here at Texas Academy and at LU – genuine connections with professionals,” Texas Academy senior Matthew Chin said. “Many of us are eager to understand how our academic work translates into the real world, seeking guidance for our career paths ahead. This event stands out for us because it offers an invaluable platform to engage with seasoned healthcare professionals.”  

Among the panelists were:

  • Jessica Stephens, MD: General Surgeon
  • Maliyhah Al-Bayan, MD: obstetrics & gynecology specialist
  • Nigil Thaimuriyil, DO: Internal Medicine Hospitalist & Associate Program Director of IM Residency Program
  • Garrett Craver, LPC Supervisor, M. Ed., MBA: Administrator of Behavioral Health/Institutional Coordinator
  • Tracie Lutz, RN, MSN, CEN: Emergency Department Director
  • Stephen Reid, MS, RN, FNP-C: Neurology Nurse Practitioner
  • Stephanie Harris, MBA: Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Baptist Panel AudienceThese professionals brought their experience and expertise to the table, offering valuable insights into their respective fields and their career journeys, and provided attendees with an opportunity to learn about the diverse career paths available within the healthcare industry.

“We want students in our region to see Baptist as a leader in healthcare, and part of that is ensuring access to the best healthcare educational programs, which we believe that Lamar offers,” Vice President of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Harris said. “Helping our community see that our organizations are working together for the future success of students and patients in our area is vital to the growth of healthcare and education in Southeast Texas.”

The event demonstrated Baptist Hospitals continual commitment to fostering educational and professional development opportunities for the Lamar University community.

“We're always looking to the future. Over the past three years we have started an Internal Medicine Residency Program, a Clinical Pharmacy Residency, and a Psychiatry Residency program, with more to come. We continuously reinvest in our community, and specifically into the education of the future healthcare leaders of Southeast Texas” Harris said.Baptist Panel Presentation

The panel not only facilitated meaningful interactions between students and professionals, but also served as a testament to the importance of mentorship and knowledge-sharing within the healthcare community. 

“As a current student at the Texas Academy program at Lamar University, I've witnessed firsthand the great benefits that interactions with industry experts bring to both our academic journey and professional growth,” Chin said. “These engagements offer us real-world perspectives and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, igniting our passion for our fields of study by demonstrating the tangible impacts of our future work.” 

Photos provided by Josh Wilson