LU celebrates Earth Day with solar smoothies and sustainable products

Lamar University embraced Earth Day with a unique and eco-conscious celebration aimed at educating students about sustainability while treating them to solar-powered smoothies.  Earth Day Smoothies

The smoothies were provided by Schneider Electric. The partnership with Schneider Electric underscores Lamar University's commitment to promoting renewable energy and sustainable practices on campus. 

“Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and 192 countries celebrate Earth Day, and the reason it's important for Lamar University is because you have the opportunity here to teach your students about sustainability that can affect their daily lives when they leave this campus,” Schneider Electric’s Senior Energy Solutions Specialist Debra Jones said. “The smoothies we provided today were produced from a blender that was powered by solar panels.” 

The festivities not only provided a platform for education but also offered students the chance to engage in hands-on activities promoting eco-friendliness. Participants were invited to personalize reusable LU tote bags, generously provided by the Office of Civic Engagement. This initiative aimed to encourage students to adopt reusable alternatives and reduce single-use plastic waste, embodying the ethos of "reduce, reuse, recycle." 

Earth Day 2024“We wanted to do something for Earth Day, and the main thing about Earth Day is reduce, reuse, recycle,” Assistant Director of New Student and Leadership Programs Emily Robinson said. “We wanted to use reusable bags but having them come and just grab a bag would kind of be boring, and we wanted them to be able to customize it. We got bags that were nice and easy to paint on, and then we also got them reusable water bottles.”  

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