Department of Communication and Media to host annual Student Film Showcase

The Lamar University Department of Communication & Media will host their  third annual Student Film Showcase on Thursday, April 25 at the Dishman Art Museum at 5 p.m.  Communication Stock

This year’s selections include “Starry Eye” by Valarie Flores, “It’s Just a Game Show” by Dustin Nguyen, “Dirt” by Kaleb Knight and “11:34” by Ashley Ramirez.  

Each film runs approximately 4 to10 minutes. Attendees can expect to see films from different genres, from scripted pieces, to documentaries, and even corporate advertising.  

“The Student Film Showcase is an opportunity for our film students to exhibit their work before a public audience which is an essential part of their growth as filmmakers,” Jeremy Hawa, instructor of screenwriting and film production said.  

The showcase gives students the opportunity to invite their friends and family to celebrate their accomplishments,  and begin planning for their professional careers. 

The Student Film Showcase also serves to help the senior students of the Department of Communication and Media finalize their thesis projects.  

“The Student Film Showcase serves as a thesis defense forum where students get experience with an audience Q&A, a necessary part of their growth,” Hawa said. 

The Student Film Showcase serves as an opportunity for the community to interact with our students and make fruitful connections that will encourage them as they continue into their professional lives after graduation.  

“Above all, the Student Film Showcase is always a fun, casual, and educational evening for everyone,” Hawa said. 

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